Yield: 3 Cups


* 1 c Fresh herbs
* 3 c Vinegar; 6% acidity


x Sprigs of fresh herbs; with - their flowers if - available (when bottling) My favorite herb vinegar is rosemary made with a rich red wine vinegar. It is the only one I use regularly, preferring to add other herbs fresh to specific dishes. You should experiment until you find your favorite combinations. Crush the fresh herbs place them in a glass jar or crock and cover with the vinegar. Let the mixture steep in a cool pantry for up to 1 month tasting to determine when your vinegar is sufficiently flavored. Strain through cheesecloth or a coffee filter. Bottle add a fresh sprig of the herb and close with a cork. Store in a cool dark cupboard. Suggested Combinations: Rosemary with red wine vinegar Chives with white wine vinegar Sage with red or white wine vinegar Oregano with red or white wine vinegar Savory with white wine vinegar Majoram with red wine vinegar Tarragon with champagne vinegar Thyme with champagne vinegar