6 green onions, sliced
6 oz hard-smoked salmon, sliced
12 Mediterranean bay leaves, or 3 California bay leaves
Olive oil
Ground black pepper
2/3 cup arborio rice
2.5 cups vegan stock plus water, heated to simmering

In a small Le Creuset or similar, Sautee the onions, salmon,
and laurel in olive oil for a few minutes. Add more olive oil
and the rice, sautee for another minute. Add some water/stock
and stir every four minutes, leaving it covered on very low
heat otherwise. Do not stir continuously; just continue adding
some liquid at four minute intervals and stirring once then. At
some point remove the laurel. Continue the cooking process for
approximately 25 minutes total.

Note there is typically enough salt in the smoked salmon
that it is unnecessary to add any extra. The above quantities
will serve four people as a primi.