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Thread: How do I decrease my libido without decreasing fertility?

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    How do I decrease my libido without decreasing fertility?

    I've been having some trouble with too much of an urge for sex and it affects my life and relationship. Even without an erection I sometimes get such a powerful urge to have sex. I'm hoping there's a way that I can decrease my libido whether with herbs ore just recommendations, but as I'm trying to have children I also don't want to decrease my fertility in any way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    How do I decrease my libido without decreasing fertility?

    This is a simple matter of just controlling yourself. I don't believe that you can have "such a powerful urge to have sex" that you cannot control it. There are things you can do to help that urge. You may be confusing the urge with other things.Yes, there are several "castration drugs" that you can take, but maybe that is a little drastic. Just don't get those urges!! You are in control, so you can tell yourself what to think about and what to avoid. It's really not that hard at all.

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    How do I decrease my libido without decreasing fertility?

    I'm assuming your a girl.the best way to reduce libido and the healthiest way. is to masturbate.DO NOT TAKE HERBS. they can have serious side effects and some of them can be permanent.ok. and masturbating is far more fun than taking pills. and it's cheaper too.!!!DO IT !!!(and have fun !)LD

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