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Thread: Hot Shins

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    Hot Shins

    16 each Chicken Consommé
    1/4 cup Flour
    2 tsp. Paprika
    1 tsp. Black Pepper -- ground
    1 tsp. White Pepper -- ground
    1 tsp. Cayenne Pepper -- ground
    1 tsp. Thyme -- ground
    1 tsp. Garlic
    1 tsp. Salt

    The day before you plan to serve these drumsticks, lay them out on a cutting board or butcher block and pierce them all over with a fork so that, when they are seasoned, the spices will permeate the meat nicely. Set aside. Measure into a Ziploc-type plastic bag the flour, paprika, black, white, and cayenne pepper, thyme, garlic powder, and salt. Close the bag and shake to blend the spice well. Add the drumsticks to the bag, zip it shut again, and shake until the drumsticks are thoroughly coated with the seasoning. Refrigerate overnight. The following day, about 2 hours before dinnertime, fire up your smoker and, when the coals are glowing, add some wet wood to the fire pan and fill the water pan halfway with hot water. Transfer the drumsticks from their bag to the grill and cover the smoker snugly. Smoke at 200 to 220F for about 1 1/2 hours, or until the juice runs clear when the meat is pricked and the drums are lusciously tender.
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