oie gras
apples - granny smith
shallot - chopped
herbs de provence
hazelnuts - lightly toasted, chopped
demi-glace - white wine
chopped parsley

=Saute apple quickly at first to caramelize a bit, slow down, add a chunk of butter and shallot, saute two minutes. Add hazelnuts and herbs de provence, flame with the brandy, cook briskly until almost dry, roll in half crepe, starting from the small end. Put in very hot oven to lightly crisp crepe.

Saute the foie gras until brown on both sides in a hot pan, place the crepe on plate with crouton directly beside. Place foie gras half on crepe and crouton, surround with 2 Tbsp demi-glace, garnish with chopped parsley and toasted hazelnuts.