1 beef tongue, cooked, skin removed
2 tbsp. prepared horseradish
1/4 cup sour cream
12 small sweet gherkins
3 yellow bell peppers, roasted, peeled
salt and pepper, to taste

Cut tongue across grain into 1/16-in.-thick slices, allowing two slices per portion; trim slices into discs using 2-1/2-in. round cutter. Combine horseradish and sour cream; pipe 1/3-oz. portions onto tongue discs. Arrange 1 gherkin on each horseradish cream portion so that 1 end of gherkin protrudes from top edge of tongue disc. Fold discs in half; refrigerate until chilled. Slice roasted peppers into rings; marinate in flavors of choice. Just prior to service, wrap each hors d'oeuvre with 1 pepper ring; season with salt and pepper.