Roast Breast with Lobster Mushroom
Smoked Grouse Thigh with Chestnuts and
Apple Thyme
Braised Legs with Cabbage
and Mustard Seed
Roasted Vegetables
Braised Stuffed Celery


Fan braised legs and cabbage to right of center of oval platter. Place 1 stuffed celery rib at top-center of platter, so celery is touching leg; place other stuffed rib at bottom-center, touching cabbage. Line carrots along edge of cabbage. Slice each breast once; arrange left of center so that each breast touches 1 celery rib. Wing bones should point toward left side of platter. Place rutabagas and chestnuts just below wing bones. Place matignon and any pieces of cabbage it may contain in center of layout. Slice smoked thigh; fan across top of matignon. Sauce front of platter with braising liquid; also drizzle over legs and cabbage.


Season: Year round
Food cost: Moderate