Char Siu Barbecue Pheasant
Seaweed and Shiitake Salad
Smoked Breast of Pheasant
Marinated Squash and Daikon
Cured Liver and Heart Terrine
Bean Salad
Smoked Lotus Root Neck Sausage
Roasted Pheasant Breast with
Pistachio Herb Farce
Kimchi Salad
Poached Celery and Leg Meat Roll
Vegetable Dumplings

snow peas


Coat platter with thin layer of amber aspic 2 hours prior to service. Referring to platter photograph, arrange lotus root neck sausage and liver and heart terrine in center of platter. Arrange bean salad in area between sausage and terrine slices; garnish with cracker. Fan smoked breast on left-center portion of platter; fan snow peas below breast slices. Spoon seaweed-shiitake salad in area between slices and peas. Arrange marinated squash with daikon slices along top edge of breast slices. Arrange char-siu tenderloin slices, poached celery rolls and dumplings in rows on right side of platter; spoon kimchi between rows.


Season: Year round
Food cost: Moderate