Not only are they super yummy but uber healthy as well.

1.Chop up the elk in to squares and get ziplock bags.
2.Get your favorite spice/seasoning (I use the monteral vegetable seasoning)
3.Put some of the seasoning into the bag along with the chopped up meat.
(Note: you could leave half of the chopped up meat out if you want the natural flavour of the meat)
4. Make sure to seal the ziplock bag and turn on some of your favorite music and begin to shake, rattle, and roll that bag until all the meat is coated with the seasoning.:energetic:
5. Chop up some bell peppers into squares
6. Then taking a screwar( the bamboo stick thingy) and alternate between meat and peppers
(Note: make sure to soak the stick thingy's in water a good time beforehand otherwise there will be a very big fire)
7. Place them on the BBQ until they are done!!