The procedure is quite simple:

Trout skeins (eggs)
kosher salt
250 ml pickling jars

Separate the eggs from the skeins in a non-reactive seive of some kind. Rinse thoroughly. Take your jars (sterilized, of course) and put in a layer of about 1/4" of eggs. Follow by sprinkling on about 1/2 tsp salt. Then more eggs, and more salt, until you fill the jar about 3/8" or so below the top.

Place the lid on loosely, and put the jar in the refridgerator. Open the top every day twice (don't leave it on airtight! The caviar might spoil!) and let it cure for about 10 days or so.

Trout caviar is delicious, I feel better than salmon, better than lumpfish and only a notch below utility grade beluga. But the source for eggs is spawning fish, which you are going to have to catch yourself in the Spring. The rest of the fish is not great at that time of year, but can be smoked and the carcass used for stock for chowder or dashi, quite successfully.