You Need- 450g evenly diced pigeon breast
1 large chopped red onion
3 sliced peppers (red,green,yellow)
7-10 chopped cherry tomatos
1 clove of garlic- (use wild if prefered)
2 tablespoons of paprika
2&1/2 tablespoons cream cheese
salt n pepper
6 Tortilla wraps

Gettin your cook on- Get a large frying pan and heat some oil in the bottom, cut the garlic clove into a few chunks and once the oils hot place the chopped garlic in the pan! - Let it sizzle for a minute before adding the diced meat to the pan - keep the meat turning for 60 seconds then evenly mix in the paprika- stir up and then add the onions, -stir and cook for a further 60 seconds then add the tomato's and peppers to the pan- stir and cook for a further 90 seconds then turn tempreture on the hob down to half- now drain off any excess oil/liquid in the bottom of the pan and add the creme cheese- mix thoroughly and simmer back on the hob for several min until piping hot! add desired amount of salt n pepper and mix! stick a generous dollop of the pigeon pan mix into a tortilla wrap, garnish with lettuce and even some sour creme if you want, roll it up and serve! they go well with cheesy grilled potato skins or wedges etc...