I just saw a segment of This is Emily Young on Treehouse and she was somewhere (I didn't catch where, honestly I wasn't paying full attention) and it was a place kind of like John R. Park Homestead in Harrow Ontario, or Greenfield Village in Dearborn Michigan, and the woman she was with was making cookies. I happened to really focus in on this at this point and Emily asked the woman why they were using brown sugar and not white sugar. Good question right? The answer was because that's all they had back then, there was no refined white sugar in those times. Now think about this, what is brown sugar today versus back then? Back then, the sugars that they had were not refined so therefore were not "bleached" and all the goodness taken out of them.

Today, our brown sugar is refined WHITE sugar with MOLASSES added to it. They are NOT even CLOSE to the same thing. There is a brand of sugar that I used to buy, it is President's Choice Organics cane sugar, it is brown in color. This would have been the kind of brown sugar they would have used in the past. I must say too, that the organic cane sugar tastes better and does not give the "dragging" effects of the refined sugars. It's no different than eating a piece of really ripe fruit, that is, for the effects of the sugar. With refined white sugars (which are used in everything that says 'sugar' on the label within the ingredients) they make you tired (the crash) and when you sleep, you don't (can't) rest. You sleep, sure, but that's all; you still wake up tired and never know why.

If you do your research, all this information is available. I just thought it was interesting, so I thought Id post on it.