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Thread: Best hotel/vacation site?

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    Best hotel/vacation site?

    I know the mainstream ones (orbitz, travelocity, hotel.com) however I don't know which is best and if there are any lesser known sites that are really good.I'm looking for a vacation/hotel package for a quick anniversary weekend w/o the kids, and I don't need airfare.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Best hotel/vacation site?

    A lot of the big sites are just too big -- too many options and pages crowded with too much "stuff".I'm a big fan of http://www.resideo.com/ -- they've been around for a few years, as far as I know, but have a low profile (which can be good). No hidden fees or anything like that.What's cool is that you can post questions about a particular hotel and generally get an answer back pretty quickly. And, if you happen to know a lot about a hotel that you've been to before, you can contribute to the info right there.I know, I sound like a commercial! But seriously, there are some other good sites to consider:http://www.kayak.com/http://www.sidestep.com/And don't forget about http://www.tripadvisor.com/ - reviews, reviews & more reviews about every hotel imaginable.

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    Best hotel/vacation site?

    http://www.tripmagician.comit has all of those places under one website....and seems to have updated deal links....(plus i like their free games)....
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