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    Does anyone have a recipe for homemade carpet cleaner?

    A while back I was watching our local public educational television station fund drive and one of the gifts given was a set of household tips books. The man demonstrating the tips mixed a few ingredients together, put them in a foaming pump bottle and used the foam to clean carpet and...
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    Holiday Wine Punch

    3 oranges 3 3 lemons 3 1 cup water 250 mL 2 cups sugar 500 mL pinch of salt 1/4 cup corn syrup 60 mL 1 cup lemon juice 250 mL 4 cups orange juice 1 L 4 cups soda water 1 L 1 bottle dry white wine 1 bottle 1 bottle sparkling white wine 1 bottle Spiral peel oranges and...
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    Festive Punch

    1 box frozen strawberries (15 oz/425 g) 1 box 1 orange rind, chopped 1 3 cans frozen lemonade (6 oz/170 g) 3 cans 9 cans water 9 cans 1 bottle gingerale (25 oz/0.75 L) 1 bottle 1 bottle vodka (26 oz/0.75 L) 1 bottle ice cubes Mix in a punch bowl the strawberries, orange rind...
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    Lime Punch

    2 cans limeade frozen concentrated juice 2 1 bottle ginger ale (28 oz/800 mL) 1 bottle 1 bottle soda water (28 oz/800 mL) 1 bottle 6 cups ice cubes 1.5 L 2 limes, sliced 2 In large pitcher, combine undiluted limeade with ginger ale and soda water. Stir well. Add ice cubes and garnish...
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    Whoop juice #2

    1 bottle Vodka 1 bottle Everclear 1 can frozenFruit Punch 1 can frozenLemonade 1 can frozenLimeade 2 bottles Lemon Lime Soda Combine all together: if to strong, add more soda, more kick, add more Everclear.
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    1 bottle Everclear 1 bottle Dark Rum 1 bottle Jim Beam 1 bottle Vodka 1 bottle Peach Schnapps 1 bottle Jack Daniels 2 cans Fruit Juice 1 can Fruit Punch add all the...
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    Trashcan punch #1

    1.0 bottle Grain Alcohol 1.0 bag Ice 1.0 bottle Tequila 1.0 bottle Triple Sec 1.0 bottle Vodka Mix all ingredients in trashcan, cooler or other large container plus any other ingredients to taste and serve.
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    Tijuana carbomb

    1 shot Gold Rum Cuervo 1 bottle Corona Beer Pour bottle of corona in a pint glass. Wait for it to settle. Then drop in shot of cuervo, and chug it down.
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    Tiajuana carbomb

    1 shot Gold Rum Cuervo 1 bottle Corona Beer Pour bottle of corona in a pint glass.wait for it to settle.Then drop in shot of cuervo,and chug it down.Enjoy.
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    The real liquid cocaine

    33.0 % Amaretto 33.0 % Peppermint Schnapps 17.0 % Rum 17.0 % Vodka To make the amounts easier1 bottle Gold Schlager1 bottle Peppermint Schnapps1/2 vodka1/2 rum add the gold sc... last because it will separate and sink. (be sure to use 151)
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    Swampy froggy

    A Lot Vodka 1 Bottle Gatorade 1 Bottle Mountain Dew hey man just stir it!! be careful you could get drunk the next night too!!
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    6 oz. Grain Alcohol 6 oz. Beer empty half of beer by mouth. Then pour in everclear until you have topped off can or bottle (Set on fire if desired)
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    Super dew

    8.0 oz Mountain Dew 2.0 oz Gin Combine in a big slam bottle if available or pint glass. enjoy
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    Strawberry soak

    5 cups Strawberries 1/2 cup Sugar 750 ml Alizé Sprinkle sugar over diced strawberries, and toss by hand in a bowl. Pour Alize over strawberries, and let soak for 15 min. to a half an hour. Strain mixture well, and store in Alize bottle for later use. Will yeild more...
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    Stiff pounder

    1 shot Jagermeister 12 oz Beer Take a 12oz bottle of beer and drink the neck of the bottle. Pour 1 or more shots of Jagermeister into the neck. Swish it around a little bit and presto, instant drunk.
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    5.0 oz. Southern Comfort 1.0 20 oz Fruit Juice bottle Drink Fruitopia down to the top of the label. This should be about 5 oz. Fill with So-Co to top. Recap bottle. Mix. Simple, but sweet.
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    Sizzurp ghetto)(

    1/2 bottle Robetussin (cough Syrp) 2oz Vodka 2oz Rum 1can Big Red Soda 3 Jollyranchers Mix and place in bottle abd drink (but don't drive knock u off ya ass)
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    20oz 7-UP 1/2bottle Robetussin (cough Syrp) Mix and place in baby bottle
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    Real romulan ale

    375 ml. Bacardi 151 375 ml. Everclear 375 ml. Blue Curacao Select a bottle (preferably decorative, but not too ornate) that will hold just over 1 liter of liquid. Combine 375ml of each ingredient in the bottle. Marvel at the entrancing color and exquisite character that is...
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    Puff's magick dragon

    2 packages Kool-aid Grape 2 cups Ice 1 bottle Club Soda 1/2 bottle Hot Damn Pour all ingreedients in a punch bowl or large pitcher. Stir and add more liquid if needed.