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    2.0 oz. Godiva Liqueur 2.0 oz. Grenadine 1.0 oz. Southern Comfort Combine and enjoy.
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    Young nobleman

    splash Galliano 1 oz Grand Marnier 2/3 oz White Creme de Cacao 1 oz Southern Comfort Build (Pour) & stir
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    Yeast infection

    2.0 oz. Godiva Liqueur 2.0 oz. Grenadine 1.0 oz. Southern Comfort no description given
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    Warm and fuzzy

    1 part Triple Sec 1 part Southern Comfort 1 part Cherry Brandy Pour southern comfort, triple sec, and then cherry brandy
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    Wam bas

    1/2 oz. Southern Comfort 1/2 oz. Scotch Layer in a shot glass.
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    Viscous robert

    1 oz. Angostura Bitters 1 dash Southern Comfort Twist of Lemon Pour Bitters over rocks, and swirl in a dash of Southern Comfort. Garnish with lemon peel and an umbrella (or the most frou-frou accouterment you have on hand)
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    Velvet tongue

    1.5 oz. Southern Comfort 1.5 oz. Canadian Whiskey n/a Ginger Ale Add Southern Comfort, Canadian Club and fill with ginger ale over ice to a highball glass.
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    Urban cowboy

    0.5 oz Grand Marnier 0.5 oz Jack Daniels 0.5 oz Southern Comfort Pour into a shot glass
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    1/2 oz Amaretto 1 oz Southern Comfort Shake with ice and strain over fresh ice
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    1 oz. Amaretto 1 oz. Southern Comfort n/a 7-UP Pour in amaretto and southern comfort. Add 7-up and ice as desired.
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    True alabama slammer

    1 oz. Jack Daniels 1 oz. Amaretto 1 oz. Sloe Gin 1 oz. Southern Comfort 1 oz. Orange Juice Pour in a bowl.
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    3 cl. Jose Cuervo Tequila Juice of Tomato Juice 1 cl. Southern Comfort 1 cl. Cherry Liqueur no description given
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    The real june bug

    2 oz Southern Comfort 2 oz Fresca Pour the Fresca over the Southern Comfort.
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    The mayor's jellybean

    1.0 Drop Grenadine 1/4 oz. Sambuca 3/4 oz. Southern Comfort In shot glass, layer1/4 of it with Sambuca, 3/4 with Southern Comfort, drop of Grenadine, down it in one mouthful.
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    The jaw

    1 oz. Grenadine 3 oz Spiced Rum 2 oz Southern Comfort 12 oz Ginger Ale Mix them all together.
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    The a-rock

    1 part Spiced Rum 1 part Jack Daniels 1 part Southern Comfort Pour each ingredient one at a time. Rum first, then Jack Daniel's, and finally Southern Comfort.
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    The 5th element

    3 oz. Pineapple Juice 3 oz. 7-UP 1 oz. Bacardi 151 1 oz. Southern Comfort 1 oz. Everclear Chill mug, add ice, pour 7-UP and juice into mug. Then add rum and Southern Comfort. Finally add the 5th element: Everclear!
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    Test tube baby (whiskey)

    3/4 oz. Southern Comfort 3/4 oz. Amaretto Use Southern Comfort or Wild Turkey 101' Whiskey. Drop Half n Half through drink.
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    Tequila comfort

    1 part Tequila 1 part Southern Comfort Mix together over ice and enjoy.
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    Sweet sensation

    1.5 oz Southern Comfort n/a 7-UP Add Southern Comfort. Fill with 7-Up. Garnish with cherry.