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    Veal Loin Chop & Wild Mushroom Demi-glace

    veal chop - demi-glace porcini - dried shitake - dried sun-dried tomatoes - pommes Anna =Grill, finish in oven. Top with mushroom demi-glace.
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    Veal Chop with Boursin

    14 oz veal chop boursin filling demi-glace - white wine =Stuff veal chop vertically by cutting a deep cross in the top of the chop and filling.Roast in a very hot oven till done, serve with white wine demi-glace.
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    Morel Demi-glace

    mushroom mix - sliced shallot - chopped morels - sliced and cleaned cognac (brandy) demi-glace - from white wine morel soaking liquid cream =Saute mushroom mix in pan with shallot. Lower heat and add morels (morels should not be exposed to high heat), add brandy and flame, reduce to 1/2. Add...
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    Marsala Sun-Dried Tomato Demi-glace

    un-dried tomatoes - julienne demi-glace - white wine marsala lemon juice =Add sun-dried tomatoes to demi-glace, simmer 10 mins. Finish with marsala and a touch of lemon juice.
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    Lemon Demi-glace

    demi-glace - from white wine lemon juice cream =Add fresh lemon juice and cream to white wine demi-glace
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    Drawing Jus

    demi-glace =Reduce until thick
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    Balsamic Demi-glace

    balsamic vinegar demi-glace - white wine cream =Reduce balsamic vinegar by 1/2, add white wine demi-glace. Finish with cream. For a new sauce, the vinegar amount is about 1/3 the amount of demi-glace.
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    Shad Roe with Braised Shad

    had roe shad (boned) bacon demi-glace =Braised (or roast) shad, saute shad roe. Serve the shad roe with a bit of shad in the middle. Top with bacon and cordon with demi-glace.