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    Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail

    Ingredients: 1⁄2 oz. vodka 1⁄2 oz. rum 1⁄2 oz. tequila 1⁄2 oz. gin 1⁄2 oz. triple sec Splash of Coke
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    fill With Club Soda 1 tbs. Pineapple Juice 2.5 oz. Gin Combine the gin and the juice stir well. Add ice and fill the glass with soda. Decorate with a pineapple stick.
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    Zaza cocktail #3

    1 1/2 Oz. Gin 3/4 Oz. Dubonnet 1 Orange Peel Stir gin and Dubonnet with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Add the twist of orange peel and serve.
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    Zaza cocktail #2

    Twist of Orange peel of 3/4 oz. Dubonnet Blonde 1 1/2 oz. Gin Stir gin and Dubonnet with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Add the twist of orange peel and serve.
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    Za za #1

    1 1/2 oz. Gin 1 1/2 oz. Angostura Bitters Pour a dash of angostura bitters into the bottom of the glass. Add gin and Dubonnet. Stir.
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    Yellow motherfuckers

    1 Part Vodka 1 Part Gin fill Mountain Dew 16 oz. Frozen Lemonade Concentrate It is best to use a large cooler with a spout. The amount of Vodka and Gin you use depends on the size of your cooler. Add the ingredients to your preferred taste.
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    Winky #2

    1 1/2 oz. Gin 10 oz. Grapefruit-lemon Soda Add wink to gin, stir, add ice if desired.
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    Winky #1

    1.5 oz. Beefeater Gin 10 oz. 7-UP Add wink to gin, stir, add ice if desired.
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    Wasabi bitter

    2 oz. Gin dash Orange Bitters n/a Wasabi Combine gin, few dashes of BOLS Bitter Orange and 1/2 tsp. of wasabi in a shaker half-filled with ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. garnish with a twist of orange.
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    Vienna girl

    2/3 oz Dry Vermouth splash Cream 2/3 oz Blue Curacao splash Gin Shake with ice
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    splash Apricot Brandy dash Creme de Banana 2/3 oz Gin 2/3 oz Campari Shake with ice
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    2.5 oz. Gin Stir in 1 Cocoa Powder tbsp Add 2 tbsp Sugar Put 2 1/2oz. of Gin into a Malt Shaker or something close to that. Stir in the cocoa and sugar. Mix together and shake. Pour into a Champagne Glass.
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    Velvet crush

    2 oz. Gin To taste Kool-aid Add gin to a glass with ice. Add Kool Aid (any flavor, although I get the impression that purples and reds are often used).
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    Vampire guardian

    1 splash Grenadine 3 oz Gatorade 1.25 oz Gin Something to help the guardian through those long summer days.
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    Valencia martini

    1 oz. Dry Sherry 3 oz. Gin Shake with ice and strain into a martini glass.
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    Valencia cocktail #2

    Peel Lemon 1 oz. Sherry 1.5 oz. Gin Pour gin and sherry into a mixing glass with several ice cubes. Stir well and pour into a chilled cocktail glass. Twist lemon peel over the drink and drop into glass.
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    Union jack cocktail

    1 1/2 oz. Gin 3/4 oz. Sloe Gin 1/2 tsp. Grenadine Shake all ingredients with ice, strain into a cocktail glass, and serve.
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    Truf martini

    1 oz. Dry Vermouth 1/2 oz. Pernod 2 oz. Gin Use Strawberry Vodka
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    Tree climber

    1/2 oz. Vodka 1/2 oz. Sloe Gin 1/2 oz. Gin 1 oz. Sweet & Sour Mix Combine ingredients and pour into glass. Enjoy.
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    splash Dry Vermouth splash Lemon Juice splash Blue Curacao 1 oz Gin Shake with ice