1. Cookie

    Olive Surprise Roast

    4 lb rolled beef rump roast 1 jar (4 1/2 oz) pimiento-stuffed olives, drained 3 tbsp. shortening 1 large onion, sliced 1 can (10 3/4 oz) condensed tomato soup 1 soup can hot water With point of knife, make about 5 deep crisscross gashes in a circle as far in as the middle on each end of meat...
  2. Cookie

    Crusty Curried Chicken

    8 chicken breasts, split 1/4 cup shortening 1/4 cup butter or margarine 1 cup Bisquick baking mix 1 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 tsp pepper 1/8 tsp curry powder Heat oven to 425F. Wash chicken and pat dry. In oven, melt shortening and butter in baking pan, 13x9x2". Mix baking mix and seasonings in plastic...
  3. Cookie

    Oven Rice With Peas And Pimiento

    4 cups boiling water 2 cups uncooked regular rice 2 tsp. salt 1 pkg (10 oz) frozen green peas 1/4 cup chopped pimiento Heat oven to 350F. Mix water, rice and salt in ungreased baking dish, 13 1/2 x 9 x 2". Cover; bake 25 to 30 minutes or until liquid is absorbed and rice is tender. While rice...
  4. Cookie

    Oven Bacon

    To Bake: Place separated slices of bacon on rack in broiler pan. Bake bacon in 400F oven 10 minutes or until golden brown. Do not turn. To Broil: Place separated slices of bacon on rack in broiler pan so top of bacon is 3" from heat. Set oven control at broil and/or 550F. Broil bacon until...
  5. Cookie

    Corned Beef Oven Omelet

    8 eggs 1 cup milk 1/2 tsp. seasoned salt 1 pkg (3 oz) thinly sliced corned beef 1 cup shredded Cheddar or mozzarella cheese (about 4 oz) 1 tbsp. instant minced onion Heat oven to 325F. Beat eggs, milk and seasoned salt. Tear corned beef into small pieces into egg mixture. Stir in cheese and...
  6. Cookie

    Oven French Toast

    4 slices white bread, 1" thick 3 eggs 3/4 cup milk 1 tbsp. sugar 1/4 tsp. salt Jam, honey or confectioners' sugar Arrange bread in ungreased baking dish, 13 1/2 x 9 x 2". Beat eggs, milk, sugar and salt with rotary beater until foamy. Pour egg mixture over bread, coating each slice. Cover...
  7. Cookie

    Speedy Chili Pie

    Heat oven to 400F. Into ungreased baking pan, 8x8x2", pour 1 can (24 oz) chili con carne. Heat in oven 10 minutes. Prepare Betty Crocker corn muffin mix as directed on package except - add 1/2 tsp salt and 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce. Pour batter over hot chili. Bake uncovered 20 to 25 minutes...
  8. Cookie

    Tuna Noodle Dinner

    1 pkg Betty Crocker noodles almondine 1 can (6 1/2 oz) tuna, drained 1 pkg. (10 oz) frozen mixed vegetables, broken apart Heat oven to 350F. Prepare noodles almondine as directed on package for oven method except - use 2 cups boiling water; stir in tuna and vegetables. Bake uncovered 25 minutes...
  9. E

    Baked Barley

    Yield: 4 to 6 servings Ingredients: 2 cup barley, hulled or pearled 2 tablespoon unsalted butter 1 teaspoon kosher salt 4 cups beef stock, boiling Directions: Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Place the barley into a 1 1/2-quart ceramic or glass baking dish (with a lid) and add the butter...
  10. E

    Apple Crumble

    2oz butter 4 oz flour 100g sugar about 4 cooking apples 1oz oats 1/2 tsp cinnamon preheat the oven to 200 deg rub together the butter,flour,sugar cook the apples until soft but mushy,add the cinnamon add the crumble to the apples puut in the oven for around 30-35 mins
  11. E

    Salmon Galantine

    1 (10-oz.) salmon fillet 5 oz. Salmon Mousse 1 salmon skin, scales removed Lightly pan sear fillet; let cool. Coat with salmon mousse; wrap in salmon skin. Place on baking pan; finish in oven to internal temperature of 100 degrees F. Refrigerate until chilled.
  12. E

    Whipped Cream Biscuits

    2 c Flour 3 ts Baking powder 3/4 ts Salt 1 c Heavy cream - whipped Sift dry ingredients and add to whipped cream. Roll 1/2-inch thick and cut with biscuit cutter. Bake in moderate oven 15 minutes. Yield: 18 Note: Moderate oven 350 - 400 F
  13. E

    Meringue Francaise

    7 whites p. tartar 3 Tbsp sugar - 4 oz sugar 7 oz sugar - powdered =Beat 1., gently fold in 2. Bake in off oven.
  14. E

    French Bread

    1 package dry yeast 1 1/4 cups warm water 3 1/4 cups bread flour 2 teaspoons salt cornmeal [Preheat oven to 450 before baking] Dissolve yeast in warm water (110-115 degrees) with 1/4 teaspoon sugar; let stand 5 minutes. By hand, stir in 1 1/2 cups flour and salt. Gradually stir in remaining...
  15. E

    Bake A Roux--how To

    8 1/2 cup Flour 4 1/4 cup Cooking Oil Mix flour and oil together in a heavy ovenproof container. Place on center shelf in preheated 400F oven. Bake at this temperature for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Set timer, and stir roux every 15 minutes. Roux should be a caramel color when done. Remove from oven...
  16. E

    Cold Oven Popovers

    2 ea Eggs 1 c Milk 1 c Sifted flour 1/2 ts Salt 6 servings Grease muffin tin. In a medium bowl, beat eggs, then add flour, milk and salt. Mix until wet, with a spoon. Fill muffin cups 2/3 full. PUT IN A COLD OVEN. Turn on to heat to 450 degrees. Allow to bake for 30 minutes. Do not open...
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    Cold Oven Popovers

    2 Eggs 1 cup Flour, Sifted 1 cup Milk ½ teaspoon Salt Grease muffin tin. In a medium bowl, beat eggs, then add flour, milk and salt. Mix until wet, with a spoon. Fill muffin cups 2/3 full. Put in a cold oven. Turn on to heat to 450f. Allow to bake for 30 minutes. Do not open oven door! ! Turn...