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    Y2k shot #1

    1 part Kahlua 2 parts Yukon Jack Chilled glass
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    Wrightsville sunset

    8 parts Orange Juice 2 parts Rum 2 parts Tequila 1 part Lime Juice 1 part Grenadine A few drops Bitters Pout all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake. Strain into large white wine glasses half-filled with crushed ice.
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    Wild gator

    2.0 parts Bourbon 3.0 parts Gatorade Mix ingredients together, stir and serve
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    Whisper #2

    2 Parts Vermouth 2 Parts Vermouth 2 Parts Scotch shake with ice, strain into a highball glass.
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    Whale orgasm

    1.0 parts Mint 2.0 parts Piña Colada Mix 1.0 parts Vodka Mix all ingredients, shake and add ice.
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    Welcome delight

    4 parts Orange Juice 3 parts Vodka 6 parts White Wine 6 parts 7-UP Simple: Just put them into a bowl, and mix then together.
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    Warm leatherette

    2.0 parts Amaretto 1.0 part Grenadine 3.0 parts Sambuca Add black Sambuca first, then add amaretto. Drop a small measure of grenadine in the glass so it drops to the bottom in a layer.
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    Vodka orange

    1 parts Absolut Vodka 2 parts Orange Juice Serve with ice. fresh pressed juice tastes best.
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    1.0 part Bourbon 1.0 part Champagne 2.0 parts Cinnamon Schnapps 2.0 parts Zima Shake ingredients vigorously with ice. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with an apple wedge.
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    Triplesex #2

    2 parts Vodka Smirnoff 2 parts Triple Sec 3 parts Sweet & Sour Mix to taste Pineapple Juice Fill a glass with ice. Pour first 3 three ingredients then adjust pineapple juice to taste. Suck it down:)
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    Triplesex #1

    2 Parts Smirnoff Vodka 2 Parts Triple Sec 3 Parts Sweet & Sour Mix Fill a glass with ice. Pour first 3 three ingredients then adjust pineapple juice to taste. Suck it down:)
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    Thunder king

    30 ml. Whiskey 10 ml. Black Coffee 5 ml. Milk 2 ml. Absolut Citron 4 Parts Ice Just mix it and shake it..
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    The rollercoaster

    2 parts Amaretto 3 parts Grapefruit Juice Pour into glass with ice and shake vigorously.
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    The cherry magician

    2 parts Light Rum 2 parts Gin 2 parts Vodka 2 parts Triple Sec 1 part Peachtree Schnapps Cherry Kool-aid Fill with Water This is to make one quart. Follow the directions on the package to determine the appropriate amount of Kool-Aid mix...
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    Tennessee mud #3

    1 Part Bourbon 3 Parts Kahlua 3 Parts Irish Cream Serve in lowball glass.
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    Talos coffee

    3 parts Grand Marnier 1 part Black Coffee Add your GM and then add your coffee.
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    Sweet lime

    1.0 fill Sprite 0.5 parts Lime Juice 2.0 parts Rum 1.0 parts Triple Sec 1.5 parts Vodka Add liqueurs over rocks. Seven-up to fill.
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    Super allez

    4 parts Fruit Punch Minute maid 2 parts Gin 1 part Orange Juice 2 parts Sprite Begin by pouring in the fruit punch. Then add the gin. Next, pour the orange juice in followed by the Sprite.
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    Sunday roddem dirt

    1.0 part Amaretto 3.0 parts Brandy 2.0 parts Butterscotch Schnapps Pour ingredients into a chilled brandy tumbler, preferably of crystal. Garnish with a caramel block. Enjoy.
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    Suicide #2

    1 Part Vodka 2 Parts Lime Cordial 2 Parts Club Soda Just mix all ingredients together.