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    What happens after you have a late term miscarriage?

    Since I have a high risk pregnancy, I have a greater chance of having a miscarriage than most women do past the 20 week mark. What happens when you have a miscarriage late in your pregnancy? Do you have to deliver, do they do a D&C?
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    What are the differences in pregnancy symptoms on and off birthcontrol?

    If your on birthcontrol , and say you do happen to get pregnant...would the pregnancy symptoms you experience off birth control be the same if you were ON birthcontrol?
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    Cherry Bounce #1

    1 Quart Rum 5 Pints Cherry n/a Sugar Muddle the cherries (unstoned). Pour the rum over them and allow to stand at room temperature for at least one week. After this time, strain the drink clean; add brown sugar to taste, and allow to stand another week before...
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    Apple Wine

    4 Lbs. Apples 1.5 Lbs. Sugar Slice the apples in their skins; place them in a large pot and add 1 gal. of water which has been boiled clean and cooled. Store at room temperature for at least a week, stirring everyday. Strain the juice a bit and allow to stand until the sugar...
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    How to get rid of chickenpox scabs?

    I had the chickenpox last week and now I have scabs all over my face,etc. The scabs have been here since Sunday of last week and its already friday. I want them to go away by the time I start school next Monday. Anyone know how to make them go away fasterr without having to PICK AT...