Max & Ruby (Treehouse TV) No Parents?

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Am I the only one who is disturbed by the fact that Max and Ruby have no parents? Ruby (grade-school age), the older sister of Max (preschool age), takes 100% care of her little brother. The only adult relative that is ever shown is their Grandmother who lives a few houses away. There is a picture on the wall in one of the rooms in Max and Ruby's house that shows them with 2 adults, but the adults are never seen. I'm sure this is all well and good in rabbit world, but it doesn't sit right with me and I think it teaches our children that they can and should take care of themselves without adult supervision. I am deeply disturbed by this, and I was wondering if anyone else is too.

This question must have run through someone's mind already. I can't be the only one.


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Maybe bunny rabbits don't need parents? Yes I've also noticed that Max and Ruby don't seem to have any parents. I think this is a negative message to our children. It shows them that they do not need their parents to live their life.