i need to correct the wrong in this paragraph???


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Me and my husband decided to have a baby .first I didn’t want to have one. I thought its really hard for me .I didn’t expect that much from myself. My husband Steve convinced me to get a baby. I like him and I love babies so I decided to have one. After a month I got pregnant .I was so happy that I am going to have a beautiful baby and I decided to name him brain. After nine months ,the baby had born. I was so happy to see him .He was looking very little and cute. You have responsibility for taking care of your baby. It is really important for teens to have a responsible for everything. The first day I was so tired taking care of him the hall time. I didn’t know how to change his diapers and how to make food for him. I asked my mom and I read a lot of books that helped me discover the ways that needed to use to take care of the baby. I learned a lot of protection ways. I learned the instruction that we need to follow to raise the baby in the good way. I realized that it was very important in my life. I know it was hard for me, but I felt so happy seeing my baby growing and learning. It was so fun. I felt so happy teaching him how to speak ,sit and how to walk.I am full of happiness every time I look at his face and see him smiling. when he smiles I smile too and when he cries I feel so sad.the first day of school was the hardest. I couldn’t leave my baby home by himself so I had to bring him to school .I was confused because I had to feed the baby, change his diaper and listen to the teacher in the same time. This experience makes me feel that Parenthood is the most important, and gratifying, job on the market. But it's fraught with pleasures, pains and everything in between.What I’ve learned from my experience that having a baby is very hard especially when they got labor ,but it was interesting in the same time.my baby is important to me because I can show a person everything, teach them, help them grow into a independent adult, and share life. First and most children need lots of love and your full attention and there very costly so you must be able to afford there needs .so if your going to have a baby please plan first, Then you can start make the notes on how your going to teach them right from wrong and how to respect others and manors and then you should keep there safety in mind also. It has been a good experience so far, I get to see things new through her eyes, I learn about myself. I read every day from the bible to her, so she learns to do it herself.I make sure to spend all the time with him me and his dad so he knows he is safe and loved. Having my baby was a great experience and I'm glad I did do it.


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There are so many grammatical errors in that writing that you should just trash it and start over.


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Your story is hard to understand, but overall I think I understood it, and I think more teenage girl and guys should read it. Teenage parenting is hard, I am now 42 but was a teen mom at 16. I love my children and thank God for them, but I think had I been older I would have made some better choices for my children, but they have become great adults and parents themselves.


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not to mention at the end the child changes from a male to a female then back, and this is way more than a paragraph.