The diary of a low histamine, low inflammatory, kosher diet


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I used to be that chubby kid, food was my jam. Oh how I love breads, how I love sweets. It seemed that eating dinner simply was a reason to get to dessert. I did start off with a few allergies, like I couldn't do red food dyes and it was noticeable when I had extra sugar. I had tried my hand at a little bit of cooking growing up. My breads were tiny bricks and my pastas were super fatty. As an early teen I found out we were Jewish sort of, but that still meant throwing out the bacon. About that time is what I realized I had issues woth pork and alcohol. Most of this wasn't a big deal just a few things I couldn't eat and most things I couldn't cook.

Around the time March 2018 I was walking miles, working, and doing my own thing with my hubby. Midway through that month I ended up overnight no longer being able to walk and woke in excruciating swelling pain in all my joints and burning throughout my skin and body. I ended up in a wheelchair for almost a year-and-a-half and I dropped down to 96 lbs. Three weeks I laid in bed. Here was when I had to decide if I wanted to truly live or just turn and die. Had all the tests, all the x-rays, all the things that the hospital could do and and specialist I could see and they still could not find what was wrong with me. At this point I had to start making a journal everything I ate, all that I did, and every way I felt and hopes of finding something. Starting with sticky notes and a pen.

This time was a great struggle, I certainly struggled with my faith. Asking for healing it should come immediately right? Well that's not always the case, some days you're asked to heal day by day, and as you mature. I discovered how selfish and dependent I was. Anything that I needed had to come from someone outside of me and so reliant on my husband. I became aware how demanding I was, sitting on the floor were ever I managed to crawl or be sat looking all pathetic and ticked off a lot. His days became long his hours highly stressed but he made sure I was fed. I am very thankful to the Lord for him.

At some point here I had decided to live, to not be a burden on my husband or society. But what did getting back up look like? It started with me realizing I was not going to stay in bed. So I started making my bed, naps were included. Being able to get myself to the bathroom alone became the next step.Then further outside of my room became a project. Out in the living room I was able to participate in the cooking and life in general. Even if it meant just holding a bowl. My physical frustrations turned to awareness turned to learning to simply look. I had gone on an elimination diet after my brother had some success with his condition and so I agreed to try it. A month of meat, leafy greens, avocado, carrots, zucchini, water and salt only. Everything was tasteless. Cravings for foods became at an all time high. I managed 28 days before adding in Lima beans. I was turning yellow.

Somewhere amidst the notes, the brain fog and the pain, I discovered that sugar had caused severe inflammatory responses in my body. Id pray to God for relief and repeatedly was given cannabis.Nothing the Doctors had given me had ever touched my pains. It was a blessing Washington state had gone medical recreational. It helped take the edge off the pain and brought me back to some form of sanity. Turns out it was also used in anointing oil for the temple of Israel.

With this new knowledge, now began a more true journey of cooking. We discovered sugar was in everything, even spices! Now I wanted to cook. I could get my own food from the fridge, mostly with managing my own dishes. Working up form here lima beans became my first basic item to make. I began to cook the basics like potatoes and rice, hubby would make the meats. My food left things that were desirable but I could eat it.

Many more months would pass till my chiropractor found out that I had 3 minor misalignments and my SI joints, which is located in the hips, had separated. Proper rebuilding would begin again on my body. It would still be almost another year before my holistic nurse practitioner would get me on a proper probiotic and I would gain some strength and weight back. Which led to needing less naps. By this time I could stand and help more with the cooking and dishes. A nearly full year would pass again before I got my genetics test. Prayers had been answered yet again with finding out that I could not digest fat or histamine. Who knew that was a thing?

By this time I had learned to cook so many things that I could not eat. So once again changing to the new "life style change", as my RN put it would be a requirement and a discipline. This time more prepared and highly aware of my limitations and my body. Within days the difference it had dramatically made. When I woke up for the first time in almost three years not in inflammatory pain, it was quite the joy. Since then I can now say I can make much more and my food is not as bland. <3

~Praise be to the Lord!!

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Current praise report, achievements of the month. Pumpkin pie and tortillas

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Praise the Lord God Almighty who give the grain of the earth and send the rains and who shows His blessings to generations whom follow Him!!<3

Coconut Sweet flat bread
1/4 c honey
1/2 c Coconut flout
1/4 c water
makes 4

coconut sweet tortilla
1/2 c coconut flour
1/4 cup water
1/4 c honey
2 tbsp Psyllium husk
makes 4

Hemp Tortilla
1/2 c hemp protein
1/4 c hemp seed
2 tbsp Psyllium Husk
1/2 c water
(aprox)makes 4

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