1. Cookie

    Campfire Coffee

    Heat 2 quarts water to boiling. Mix 1 cup ground coffee, 3 tbsp cold water and 1 egg, slightly beaten. Tie mixture loosely in large cloth bag, leaving a long cord. Drop bag into boiling water; immediately remove pot from heat and let stand 5 to 10 minutes. Move sack up and down with cord. Add...
  2. Cookie

    Egg Coffee

    Heat 6 cups water to boiling. Beat 1 egg and 2 tbsp. water; stir 2 tbsp. egg mixture into 3/4 cup ground coffee. Add enough cold water to completely moisten grounds; pour into boiling water. heat to rolling boil. Remove from heat; add dash cold water. Strain. 6 to 8 cups.
  3. H

    Tips on keeping the house warm during winter?

    Its always cold in my kitchen and I was wondering what tips can you give to help keep the kitchen warm during winter. Everywhere else is warm, but it's sometimes so unbarable and I get cold with 4 layers on. What to do?
  4. E

    White cloud

    0.5 part Milk 0.5 part Peppermint Schnapps Put them together and stir, Mint alcohol must be cold prepare to get very drunk.....
  5. E

    Titty excreation

    1/3 Butterscotch Schnapps 2/3 Mountain Dew Pour in a big glass. Mix. It's best when it's cold and on the rocks.
  6. E

    Think pink

    2 cl. Rum 2 cl. Passoa fill Sprite Put ingredients in cold glass. Stir well.
  7. E

    The sarduchi #1

    3 oz. Jack Daniels 3 oz. Raspberry Liqueur Combine all ingredients in a big cup and stir. Serve cold. Amount of ingredients can be varied to taste.
  8. E


    1 oz. Banana Liqueur 1 oz. Rum Mix ingredients, serve cold, chase with beer.
  9. E

    Summer martini

    n/a Absolut Citron 1 splash Sweet & Sour Mix Make sure all ingredients are cold! Serve shaken, straight up with a twist.
  10. E

    Stomach ache

    1.5 oz. Jagermeister 2 dashes Tabasco Sauce Place ice cold Jagermeister in shot glass, top with Tabasco.
  11. E

    Southern triplets

    2 oz. Southern Comfort 1 oz. Triple Sec Add the liquor to the glass. Pour in cold Coke. Maybe even on the rocks.
  12. E

    Sour cow

    1 1/2 oz Kentucky Bourbon (Jim Beam) Fill with Chocolate Milk cold Pour bourbon, fill rest of glass with cold chocolate milk. Drink it like a shot and enjoy.
  13. E

    Snow warmer

    8.0 oz. Cocoa Powder 2.0 oz. Rumplemintz Make some hot chocolate...add a shot of Rumplemintz (or more if you like) fights the cold of the slopes or whatever cold there is.... enjoy.
  14. E

    Snakebite pa style

    1 oz. Wild Turkey 1 oz. Lemon liqueur Mix together thoroughly. Best served cold.
  15. E

    Siberian express

    1/4 oz. Sugar 1.25 oz. Vermouth 1/2 oz. Coffee Liqueur 2.5 oz. Cold Coffee Use cold strong espresso coffee in the recipe.
  16. E

    Sea monkey

    1.5 Ounces Goldschlager .5 Ounce Blue Curacao Layer in shot glass. Goldschlager should be ice cold (Store in freezer overnight)
  17. E

    Red horn

    1 shot Red Rum 1 pint Cider RedRum can either be mixed with the cider, or floated on top. Serve cold.
  18. E

    Pg's blue balls

    4 cups Red Wine 6 oz. Everclear n/a Mountain Dew 2 oz. Collins Mix Mix all the ingredients in a pitcher. Serve cold.
  19. E

    Penalty shot #1

    0.25 shot Blue Curacao 1.0 gram Cinnamon 0.25 shot Gin 0.25 shot Tequila 0.25 shot Vodka Shake all ingredients, except vermouth pour in an ice cold shot glass and drop the vermouth and just drink it and suffer .
  20. E


    0.68 oz. Vodka 1.33 oz. Honey 1 oz. Safari drink it cold and a little honey