1. R

    I want to become a Naturopath. Do I have what it takes?

    I have a true passion and interest in nutrition, health, consumer safety, and alternative medicine. I believe that conventional medicine is heavily flawed and does not appreciate the potential that a healthy diet and lifestyle can have on one's health. I also think that Americans are literally...
  2. P

    How to stay same weight with less fat!?

    Ok so im on a training program, i have been doing it for 2 months so far, i am swiching positions from free safety to strong safety so i had to bulk up. i have had 3 body stat tests (one at start, one after one month, and one after 2 months). i am 192cm tall (6ft 3inch)i started out as 87.2kg...
  3. R

    Does this diet sound good to you??

    · Follow the menus exactly! This diet works on chemical breakdown and is proven. · DO NOT vary or substitute any of the foods. · Salt and pepper may be used, but no other seasoning. · When no quantity is given, there are no restrictions, other than common sense. THIS DIET IS TO BE USED 3 DAYS AT...
  4. T

    OMG, I have been eating aluminum!!?

    Is eating food (chicken in my case) that has been cooked in aluminum foil safe? I hear that the foil could give off metal residue that could go to my brain and hasten the onset of dementia (not sure if I am predisposed to this ailment but you never know). Are there any references out there that...
  5. H

    Why is FDA making companies pasteurizing foods (fruits, nuts, etc.)?

    In 2007, the USDA, FDA, and the California Almond Board (California produces 90% of the entire world's almond crop), issued a statement that both raw and organic almonds would require pasteurization "for consumer safety" yet they would still be labeled as raw, and neither that nor the details of...
  6. T

    Can someone help me????

    in food and nutrition we have to write the safety rules for preventing falls can someone help me remember them so far i have "keep shoes tied" and "wipe spills"
  7. D

    I am an emotional overeater how can i quit?

    The oral person's self-esteem, then, is dependent on getting food and supplies for warmth, comfort, and safety. This person has trouble trusting either his environment or his own resources. Such a person tends always to see people and objects in terms of their ability to provide him with...
  8. M

    Are High-Fructose corn syrup studies using accurate, truthful methods?

    I am specifically talking about this one but I have the same problem with most of studies on the subject. It seems that all the news outlets only report the outcome of studies and not the specifics on how the study was performed! As a skeptic this makes...
  9. R

    Do you drink diet soda? Aspartame causes cancer in lab rats...will you continue to drink poison?

    U.S. consumer group called for an urgent Food and Drug Administration review of the safety of aspartame on Monday, but the FDA said there was no immediate need to do so despite a new study showing the sweetener may cause cancer.Italian researchers published a new study last week that showed...
  10. L

    Is it possible to increase my lifting strength in 6-7 weeks?

    I want to enter in a weight lifting competition but I haven't lifted weights in a while. I am not really out of shape but at the same token, I am not as strong as I use to be. I don't expect dramatic results,but I wouldn't mind increasing my bench press, seated shoulder press, and Squat. Here is...
  11. Mom

    What else could be a reason for a missed period besides pregnancy?

    i am a month late for my period, but i have taken 4 pregnancy tests, and they all say negative. What else could it be?
  12. M

    What reasons besides pregnancy and stress could cause one's period to be constantly very late?

    This is the 3rd time since July of last year that my period has been over a month late? I keep taking pregnancy tests but they're all negative. What else could be causing such a late period?
  13. Mom

    What are some good exercises to help tighten a post-pregnancy tummy?

    I had my daughter nearly three weeks ago and have already shed all but 5 pounds of my pregnancy weight. Now I want to start tightening up this loose skin and muscle. What are some good exercises to tighten the upper and lower abdomen that won't strain my back too much?
  14. M

    How do you get rid of the belly fat after pregnancy?

    I had a baby 10 months ago and i am a very active practically a gym freak, i've tried everything i'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight but still have the "pooch " on the bottom of my stomach .I do eat healthy no choccies no fried shit, and do core exercises 3 times a week but NO LUCKHelp what do i...
  15. Molly

    How can i get a slim body after my pregnancy?

    I want to be slim like a model after having a baby because i lost too much weight during pregnancy. I'm 20 years old, my height is 4 feet, 10 inches.My weight is 75 kg.I can't do exercise daily. Is there any other way to get a slim body? Is there anyone who can give me a diet plan for breakfast...
  16. M

    what is the fastest way to lose post pregnancy weight?

    I am 6 wks post pregnancy; need to lose 33 lbs and am not breastfeeding. What is the fastest way to lose?
  17. M

    What can cause different answers on a pregnancy test result?

    I took 3 pregnancy tests and two of three came out positive. However, my boyfriend always pulls out, so I don't think this is 100% sure. Im on a versy strict diet and my body fat % is down to about 4 %. I don't think Im pregnant. What other factors could contribute to conflicting results?. I...
  18. M

    What are the side effects of menses stop pills during pregnancy? If some one eat by mistake?

    As my wife didn't know about her pregnancy and during haj days she used pills to stop menses on expecting dates. But when she stopped eating pills she havn't got periods. We did self pregnancy test at home and found it positive. Now she is worried whether pills effected baby or not.
  19. W

    what vitamin that can increase my fertility and my sperm count?

    What vitamins that can increase my fertility and my sperm count?They said sperm cells contains protein, it is true?
  20. M

    What is the best post pregnancy diet and exercise?

    Anyone have any good tips for getting your pre pregnancy body back ( or as close as i can get it lol) I want to start a healthy diet and exercise program that will be good on my body but still have time for my family.