1. R

    how do i stop a friend from being bulimic?

    okay, so my best friend is bulimic. and she's already skinny as it is. but in her eyes she's fat. i cant get through to her that she's not fat, at all. so she just doesn't listen to me, and she used to be really healthy, she would go running a lot and try to eat right foods. but now instead of...
  2. Maryjane

    Genetically Modified Crops are causing many diseases? Why isn't this being published?

    I asked a similar YA question a while back and several MD's responded claiming that we're not doing anything new to our food today that we haven't been doing for thousands of years through selective breeding. Well...I recently found out that is absolutely false. Genetic Selection and Genetic...
  3. T

    OMG, I have been eating aluminum!!?

    Is eating food (chicken in my case) that has been cooked in aluminum foil safe? I hear that the foil could give off metal residue that could go to my brain and hasten the onset of dementia (not sure if I am predisposed to this ailment but you never know). Are there any references out there that...
  4. F

    Back-to-School with an Apple a Day?

    Natural Cures Tip of the WeekWeek of Sept 17th, 2006 Week of September 17th, 2006Back-to-School with an Apple a Day?Autumn signals not only the return of school days for many, but the organic apple farmer to our local farmer's markets. It was Benjamin Franklin who coined the phrase, "An apple a...
  5. B

    Are people who are dirty mentally ill? (College paper)?

    I am writing a paper on a possible correlation between mental illness and dirtiness. There is no real scientific background on this, it is just to test how well I can argue a point. Please give opinions on the state of my argument. Dirtiness is not a normal human condition, or even a normal...
  6. W

    Can having too much sex at a young age cause fertility problems?

    I am 17 and live with my partner and we have sex basically every day, without condoms cause I am on the pill, I've heard having lots of sex when your young can cause fertility problems when older is this true?
  7. W

    is fertility the same on birth control as off birth control?

    My boyfriend does not like using a condom while having sex. On the other hand, I am paranoid about having sex without a condom. My question is, to make both of us happy, is fertility the same while you are on birth control? Are my chances of getting pregnant low shortly after and shortly before...
  8. M

    What reasons besides pregnancy and stress could cause one's period to be constantly very late?

    This is the 3rd time since July of last year that my period has been over a month late? I keep taking pregnancy tests but they're all negative. What else could be causing such a late period?
  9. F

    how to grow and maintain herbs on a window sill garden?

    live in a flat where only sunny window sill also share space with numerous pigeons. but i love to cook with fresh herbs, like oregano, thyme, rosemary, coriander, parsley, etc. can anyone give me tips on how to do this on a window sill garden? is it really bad if they get the occassional pigeon...
  10. H

    can you post some household tips here?

    Tips wanted.Like Reg Tips On Everyday things
  11. E

    Translated Signs From Other Countries

  12. N

    How do people catch diseases like chickenpox from others if it is contracted through close contact...?

    and the person who has it dosent look sick?Wouldnt the person who gave it to you look sick , so how do people get it then?
  13. dee0019

    Is anyone finding good info on natural ways to help Autism in our children?

    Looking for info on Natural ways to help Autism and an easy way to do it (financially) I found a good bit of info on a web site www.health-reports.com/autism but it is very expensive and totally out of my reach. Looking for a cost effective Natural way?
  14. A

    Will Chickenpox become worse as I get older?

    I'm 14 and I've never had the Chickenpox so far. Ive had the shots to prevent it. If I get it when I'm older say 20 years old will it be more dangerous? Can I die from it?
  15. T

    How long does it take for a child to be tested for autism?

    Does any body know how long it take for a child to be tested for autism. I Been waiting for five month's now.My son is three year old. I call Regional Center all the time but they don't call back and my son Dr talk to them to all they say is to be patint.What should I do.
  16. M

    What the difference between Radiology Technologist and Radiation Therapist?

    What the difference between Radiology Technologist and Radiation Therapist?which one will you suggestand whyyyyyyyand how much they makeor will you suggest Ultrasound TechnologisIs x-ray tech and Radiology Technologist same or diff****plz answer all the questions
  17. T

    What is the chance of an adult (over 20, never had it before) of getting chickenpox?

    What are the symptoms of chickenpox in adults? Are they different from those of children? Are they more dangerous or milder? What do other adults in the same household need to do to prevent from getting it if someone in the family get infected with chickenpox?What treatments are available at...
  18. A

    What is the long term side effects of chemo and radiation therapy after total gastronomy surgery?

    My brother had a surgery 8 months ago to remove the entire stomach after diagnoised stomach cancer after the surgery he had a combination of chemo and radiation therapy , he finished about 3 months ago, and he made CT it was free , now he start to suffer from neck and back pains , some times...
  19. Chef

    RAT Problem Pointe West Golf Course Amherstburg Ontario Canada!

    I would like to warn the public, so that anyone who might golf and/or eat the food at Pointe West Golf Course Amherstburg Ontario Canada. DO NOT EAT THE FOOD THERE!! They have a BIG RAT problem, have no plans to clean it up and are putting their customers health at risk. The problem started from...
  20. V

    Why do people believe Autism is related to immunizations?

    Would to like to hear oppinions on why some people believe Austim is related to routine childhood vaccinations. I have identical twin boys who have had the same vaccines in the same enviroment, and have ate the same foods (bc I have heard also there is a theory about chemicals used to preserve...