1. Cookie

    Molasses-Peppermint Soda

    Mix in tall glass 1 tbsp. molasses and 1/2 cup cold milk. Add 1 scoop vanilla ice cream. Fill glass with chilled club soda. Stir with a peppermint candy stick. 1 serving
  2. Cookie

    Blushing Pink Soda

    Mix in tall glass 2 tbsp. crushed strawberries, 2 tbsp. crushed pineapple, and 2 tbsp. vanilla ice cream. Stir in 1/4 cup chilled strawberry soda. Fill glass almost to top with more vanilla ice cream. Do not pack the ice cream down. Pour in slowly more chilled strawberry soda. 1 serving
  3. Cookie

    Grape Ice-Cream Soda

    Put in tall glass 1 or 2 scoops vanilla ice cream. Fill glass with chilled grape soda. 1 serving
  4. Cookie

    Jiffy Gel Sundaes

    Empty into medium bowl... 1 pkg (3 oz) black cherry-flavored gelatin. Add... 2/3 cup boiling water. Stir until gelatin is dissolved. Divide among 8 dessert dishes... 1 qt. vanilla ice cream or pineapple sherbet. Spoon hot gelatin mixture over ice cream. 8 servings
  5. Cookie

    Chocolate Confetti Balls

    Mix in medium bowl... 1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs, 1 tbsp. confetti decorators' candies. Scoop into 4 balls... 1 pint chocolate ice cream. Roll ice cream balls in crumb mixture; place in serving dishes. Serve at once. 4 servings
  6. Cookie

    Coffee Ice Cream Alexanders

    Blend thoroughly 1 qt coffee ice cream, softened, and 2 oz each brandy and dark creme de cacao. Spoon into 12 wine glasses. Garnish with grated chocolate and serve with straws. 12 servings
  7. Cookie

    Raspberry Catawba

    1 pkg (10 oz) frozen raspberries, thawed 2 bottles (25.6 oz each) sparkling catawba grape juice, chilled Heat raspberries to boiling; cook 10 minutes. Strain and cool. Mix with grape juice; pour over ice in punch bowl. 15 servings (about 1/2 cup each)
  8. Cookie

    Strawberry Waffles A La Mode

    6 frozen small waffles, about 3" square 1 qt vanilla ice cream 1 qt strawberries, sliced and sweetened Heat frozen waffles as directed on package. Top each with scoop of ice cream. Spoon berries over ice cream. 6 servings
  9. Cookie

    Fruited Milk Shakes

    Pineapple: For each serving, measure 1/4 cup pineapple ice cream topping and 3/4 cup milk into blender. Cover; mix 2 seconds. Add 3 scoops vanilla ice cream; mix at low speed 5 seconds. (Or beat all ingredients with rotary beater.) Cherry: Substitute cherry ice cream topping for the pineapple...
  10. Cookie

    Minty Pears A La Mode

    1 pkg (6 oz) semi-sweet chocolate pieces 1 can (5 1/3 oz) evaporated milk 1/8 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. peppermint extract 2 cans (16 oz each) pear halves, drained and chilled Peppermint ice cream In top of double boiler over hot water, melt chocolate pieces. Remove from heat; beat in milk, salt and...
  11. Cookie

    Rainbow Parfaits

    Alternate layers of lime or orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream in chilled parfait glasses.
  12. Cookie

    Grasshopper Parfaits

    1 qt. vanilla ice cream 3 tbsp. white creme de cacao 3 tbsp. green creme de menthe 1/2 cup chocolate wafer crumbs (about 8 chocolate wafers) or 1/2 cup chocolate syrup Whipped cream Maraschino cherries In each of 4 parfait glasses, alternate layers of ice cream, about 2 teaspoons each creme de...
  13. Cookie

    Ice Cream Date Pie

    1/4 cup soft butter or margarine 1 pkg. Betty Crocker date bar mix 1/2 cup hot water 1 qt. pistachio, butter pecan, or coffee ice cream Heat oven to 400F. With fork, mix butter and crumbly mix from date bar mix. Spread in ungreased baking pan, 13x9x2". Bake 10 minutes. Do not over-bake. Remove...
  14. Cookie

    Creme De Cacao Pie

    1 qt. coffee ice cream 9" graham cracker or chocolate wafer pie shell 1 pt. pistachio, butter pecan or French vanilla ice cream 1/4 cup dark creme de cacao or chocolate syrup Soften coffee ice cream slightly; pack into pie shell. Freeze until firm, at least 1 hour. At serving time, place scoop...
  15. Cookie

    Cran-Orange Ice Cream

    1 pkg (10 oz) frozen cranberry-orange relish 1 pt. vanilla ice cream 4 thin orange slices Cut frozen relish into 1" cubes. Cut ice cream into chunks. Place relish and ice cream in blender. Cover; mix on lowest speed 1 minute. Stop blender occasionally; scrape side of container with rubber...
  16. Cookie

    Ice Bowl

    Place 1 1/2 quart metal bowl in 3 1/2 quart metal bowl. Holding small bowl down, pour water into large bowl until water between bowls is about 1" wide. Fill small bowl with enough water to hold it down. Hold edges of bowl in place with 2 to 4 strips of masking tape. Freeze at least 12 hours. To...
  17. E

    Frozen Jack-O'-Lanterns

    12 navel oranges 12 cinnamon sticks 1/2 gallon dark chocolate ice cream Cut off tops of oranges. Gently hollow out pulp (reserve for another use), leaving a thick shell; remove pulp off tops also. Carefully cut Jack-O-Lantern faces into each orange. Pack chocolate ice cream into shells...
  18. E

    Red Ice

    1 beet 1 sweet potato 2 apples 1 lemon 1 tomato thin slice of Spanish onion 1 garlic clove 1/2 can of frozen apple concentrate Crush ice or blend with water till slush. Add juice and get ready to chill out. Cool down those forces of frustration. Be at peace in the storm. This drink is made to...
  19. E

    Olive Garden Sangria

    1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup water 1 1/2 liters red table wine 1 cup grenadine 2 cups cranberry juice cocktail 1 1/4 cups sweet vermouth strawberries, cut into thirds oranges, slice and quartered ice Combine the sugar and water in a large container until dissolved. Add the remaining ingredients...
  20. E

    Rattlesnake (Sweet)

    1 1/2 oz Southern Comfort 1 1/2 oz Amaretto 2 1/2 oz Sweet and Sour mix Splash of Grenadine Mix together in a shaker, pour over ice in a rocks glass. Can also be made in a pitcher, just stir well before pouring over ice. Makes us ladies VERY friendly!