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    Beurre Rouge

    1 shallot butter - 225 ml red wine - light 1 tsp sugar 3 Tbsp fumet 3 Tbsp butter =Brown shallot, add rest (except butter), reduce by one-quarter, finish with butter
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    Zingara Sauce

    demi-glace shallot white wine veal tongue tomato mushroom =Reduce wine and shallot, add rest of ingredients, simmer.
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    Demi-glace - Green Peppercorn

    green peppercorns in brine black pepper shallot - chopped brandy - demi-glace - made with white wine mustard - dijon p. sugar =Crush green peppercorns in the bottom of saucepan, cook over medium heat till light brown, add black pepper, cook 20 seconds, add shallot and brandy, reduce by 2/3. Add...
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    mayo white wine and shallot reduction =Mix together.
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    Shallot Flan

    6 eggs 1.75 c cream - heavy 1.25 c shallot - roasted, puree s&p =Whisk together cream and eggs, add puree. Bake in buttered ramiken, 350F ~12-15 mns.