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3 cl. Malibu Coconut Rum
3 cl. Orange Juice
1 cl. Vodka
2 cl. Firewater
1 cl. Red Wine

First off, mix the orange juice with the Malibu in a separate glass,
pour the firewater in the martini glass, the orange mix over it and
when it's settled, pour the vodka slowly over the mixture. If you
want you can stir now (in that case the above directions are void) -
but I prefer not to. Now's the time for the red wine. It doesn't
have to be anything special: I tend to use a Lambrusco because of
the pearliness, also the amount of wine you use will affect the
taste of the drink immensely. I use between 1/2 cl to 1 cl, not
more, other wise the taste of the wine will dominate too much. To
get your optimal taste you'll just have to experiment a little back
and forth.