When will I start to bleed after a miscarriage?


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I started having several sharp pains on Monday. I was not spotting at the time, Hospital hcg was 1375 and 12 hours later 813 a day later it was at 460. They say I had a natural miscarriage. I started spotting on Monday night after they did a transvaginal ultrasound. I was 5 weeks. I was wondering when am I going to bleed like a period or heavy period like the doctor said I would? Its been 5 days and I am only spotting? Any ideas?
Dont worry, as you are only 5 weeks, it will be like a normal period. The bleeding will gradually turn stronger - depending on whether you have heavy or light periods. I had 2 spontaneous miscarriages at around 6 weeks and the bleeding was like a heavy period for me.I am sorry for your loss.