Where do I find Olive Green Small Kitchen Appliances?

Joshica M

New member
I am decorating my kitchen with a itiliano/olive garden feel. I want cooking wine, small wine racks, exotic olive oils, lots of earthy tones like olive green, cream, and sand. I want to know some great ideas for my theme. I also wanted all the countertop appliances and such to be olive green b/c that is my base color. Kitchen-Aid used to have a olive green color in their set of hand mixers, blenders, toaster, and microwaves, which is, of course, now that I want it, gone. Where can I find three things: great decorating tips and tricks for the kitchen (theme in mind or general), where can I find olive green appliances (no fridge, stove, or freezers countertop appliances and accessories only), and where can I get theme specific ideas or help? Any help would be so appreciated as I want the kitchen done before we renew our vows :)