Why are Americans so naive about genetically modified foods?

LaDy In ReD

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There is a real health crisis in the making because of the untested safety of various foods that are being allowed to reach the public in the US. This is not true in European countries, where people are better tuned in to possible health hazards and also know the general disregard for the public's welfare by corporations such as Monsanto. (You need to research this company and see how evil and corrupt they are.) Don't let your health be determined by the people who make big money selling you things. Be smart and be informed.Looks like Rawr! is just another mindless consumer who does not really care whether people get sick or are ruined financially by the actions of a mega-corporation that acts with impunity because they have "bought" government officials. Wake up! Your country is going down the tubes.


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It is alarming how uninformed so many people are, especially when it comes to issues that affect the population in truly insidious ways. Some of the respondents to your question are probably people who know tons of stuff about frivolous things like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and all manner of worthless celebrities. But they know practically nothing about what is going on in the fields of politics, economics or the sciences especially personal health and ecological disasters in the making.I applaud you for your brilliant attempt to say something that is relevant and important. I will look into Monsanto on your suggestion and become better informed. I am ashamed at how lax and clueless other Americans can be.


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Wow, there are actually people who think about important things in the world and who want to inform others about it. You should be proud of yourself.Thanks for the reminder about how prophetic Huxley and Orwell were when they saw a future world as one where people willingly allow everything to deteriorate around them while big business and their government lackeys manipulate public opinion. Just like ADM (Archer Daniels Midland), McDonalds, Coca Cola and the enormous lobby that puts corn into practically every food there is.


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You're absolutely correct. I think that America's genius is in packaging things so that they seem like they are great things when in fact they are not. The thing that many people do not understand is that we live in a culture of lies. Lies are all around us. We are not told the truth and so long as we have access to televised sports, silly music and more things to buy then who cares about anything that requires us to think and to be analytical. It is so much easier to be stupid. And to pretend that everything is just wonderful.Ignorance is bliss very definitely!