why are guys so difficult?


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i'm 18, got a 9 month old child. real dad a d**k head, dun a runner wen he found out i was pregnant. So many guys have messed me about, i can't seem 2 trust them now. my ex is just messin wid ma head. i'm so down and depressed. doesnt help when ma kid's teething!!!
guyz r difficult after they've slept with u and messed up ur life..but very easy b4 the event....but y r some girls like u so easy to mess with and mess up and make most girls feel like dummies and fall for all the sweet things guyz tell them.....u feel me


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It seems as if you are picking the wrong guys. why not work on yourself and your child now and leave the boys alone? When you have yourself together then look for a real man.


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You want me to be brutally honest? You have a bad taste in men. I don't know what else the answer could be, especially if you're not doing anything wrong. A lot of girls find themselves asking, "Why am I being treated like this?" or "Why am I always being messed about?" The reason is because you've got awful taste in the men you choose, especially if the father has just abandoned you. Find a nice, respectful guy and stop going for the same types of people you've gone for before. That's all you need to do.Good luck. I hope your situation improves!