1. Cookie

    Fondue Equipment (Make Sure You Have What You Need)

    Equipment that you should have for fondue. Pot: Oil Fondues: Metal pot with broad base, secure handle, sloping sides or partial cover to prevent splattering, well-balanced stand. A heavy pot can double for cheese or dessert fondues. If not heavy, cheese or dessert may scorch. The best...
  2. N

    [Tip:] Drinking Milk And Having To Pee

    If you're anything like me, when you drink milk, you end up having to pee for hours afterwards. And I'm not just talking a little bit, either. It's as if I drank mass amounts of alcohol or coffee; that's the kind of urinating I'm talking about. I found a solution that works for me. I discovered...
  3. Cookie

    Fondue Tips

    Oil Fondue Tips: Place the pot in the middle of a level table, within easy reach of the four who share the pot. Heat the oil in the fondue pot on the kitchen range. Carefully bring it to the table. For oil fondue, cooked food is transferred from fondue forks to dinner forks. Cheese Fondue...
  4. E

    How To's: Stopping Gossip

    Winnie, the church gossip, and self-appointed monitor of the church's morals, kept sticking her nose into other people's business. Several members did not approve of her extra-curricular activities, but feared her enough to maintain their silence. She made a mistake, however, when she accused...
  5. E

    Scampi Buzara

    3lbs Scampi or shrimp head on. 1/4 cup of diced tom flesh. 1/4 cup fine diced shallots 1/2 cup olive oil 2 tsp crushed garlic 1/4 cup chopped parsley 2 cups white wine 1 tsp chicken stock powder sally salt and percy pepper fry diced shallots and toms for 1 min in the oil, add the fresh bread...
  6. X

    new apartment cleaning tips?

    we're moving in our new apartment on saturday. does anyone have any tips?? i'm really kind of grossed out about the washer and dryer having other peoples dirty clothes in them. how can i... fix(?).... that??any advice is appreciated, most thorough & helpful answer = 10 points.
  7. A

    I smell EVERYTHING before consumption, I am the only one who does this??

    I make sure I smell food, beverages or alcohol brfoe I consume it. Is that normal? I dont do it for safety, I do it just because. I dont know maybe Im nosy???
  8. L

    Anyone have any good tips for cleaning the frames of your glasses?

    The arms of my glasses (right in the corner where the arms join and theres screws and stuff) look a little groty and was wondering if anyone had any tips as to how to clean the hard to reach places with out damaging them any.thanks in advance guys! BEYE
  9. J

    What tips can you give a person who is painting a room for the first time?

    My husband is going to start painting our living room and kitchen this weekend. I am so scared. He claims he knows how to paint, but I have never seen him paint. I asked him to get his cousin's cell phone number (he paints all the time) so we can see how much he'll charge us. But my husband...
  10. Maryjane

    Any tips on what to look out for with contractors?

    I am doing a $250K addition that involves a new kitchen. Any tips on what to look out for with contractors? Specifically, I want to know what I should look for when selecting a contractor or special tips I should do when putting the contract together so I don't get burned.
  11. X

    Do you have a recipe for a good party punch?

    Here are some of my small requests:I would like to used an assortment of fresh fruits.And I want to make one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic.Preferably the same punch but to different colors, maybe green and orange. I am having an Halloween party.( but that last request is a give or take)It...
  12. C

    What's the best hotel to stay in while in Cancun on a family vacation?

    I'm planning a trip to Cancun this summer and I'm sure what hotel to choose since im going with family.
  13. J

    How much would a 5 day Disney vacation cost, aside from hotel and ticket costs?

    A friend and I want to go to Disney for about 5 days. Aside from ticket and room costs, how much would an average vacation cost? We don't need to eat in the most expensive restaurants. We just want an average cost of food and assorted expenses.
  14. W

    When does fertility start to decrease?

    I'm 28 now and have one beautiful daughter. But, we're not planning to have another child anytime soon for a number of reasons. But, there is a part of me that still wants to have another (biological) child. So, at what age do the chances of getting pregnant start to fall or drop dramatically...
  15. I

    Cleaning with Vinegar?

    Any one have any household cleaning tips that i can use Vinegar or maybe other household remedies...Im allergic to bleach so im looking to clean with things i have in my home.
  16. J

    can anyone give me some tips on how to make eco friendly or green household cleaners?

    For example window cleaner, bathroom cleaner, floor cleaner, laundry detergent, any type of pet products, etc....I just want to try to go green and would rather make them myself, so any tips on how to make any type of cleaning product would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much!
  17. M

    How do you get the smell of Indian food out of a house?

    The woes of a smelly home--my parents have a multi-level "great-room" style home--essentially the entire house is like one huge room. My parents, being Indian, cook Indian cuisine every day. The entire house REEKS of Indian food, and not in a good way. We've tried candles, house spray, electric...
  18. R

    What are your natural household tips?

    My husband and I are on a chemical free diet for the house. :) Any ideas?
  19. C

    Household money saving tips, storage ideas & furniture recycling ideas?

    I am moving into a new home for the first time, and I was wondering if you have any useful tips? I'd love to hear everyones ideas on how to save a little money (recycling old furniture, coupons, buying/keeping food & cleaning products etc...), how to maximise storage & reduce clutter, any lovely...
  20. N

    Do you have an inexpensive household tip you would like to share?

    example: like toothpaste will clean rings..........etc.