Fondue Tips


Oil Fondue Tips:

Place the pot in the middle of a level table, within easy reach of the four who share the pot. Heat the oil in the fondue pot on the kitchen range. Carefully bring it to the table.

For oil fondue, cooked food is transferred from fondue forks to dinner forks.

Cheese Fondue Tips:

Melt the cheese mixture on the kitchen range or at the table. Keep heat low to prevent stringiness, toughness and scorching.

How To Play Safe With Fondues:

Choose a sturdy, steady fondue pot... fill alcohol burner only half full; wipe dry with cloth before lighting... never refill burner while alcohol is burning or while container is hot... empty and dry alcohol burner before storing it... keep all fondue fuel out of reach of children.

In case of flare-ups, slide the cover over the flame, toss baking soda onto the flame, have fire extinguisher ready.