1. Cookie

    All Dressed Hot Dogs

    Makes 6 servings prep time 10 min cook time 5 min not recommended to freeze 6 hot dogs, grilled 6 hot dog buns, toasted 6 tbsp. Bick's sweet green relish 2 tbsp. mustard 2 cups lettuce, torn into bite sized pieces 1 cup cherry tomatoes, chopped 16 Bick's garlic Mini Crunch'ems, chopped 2 tbsp...
  2. E

    Corn dogs

    Corn dogs Makes 12 You need a deep-fat thermometer to get the oil temperature right. If you have any batter leftover, drop it into the hot oil by the spoonful to make hush puppies. Vegetable oil (for deep fat frying) 6 hot dogs, halved horizontally 1/4 cup cornstarch 3/4 cup yellow cornmeal...
  3. E

    Beans And Wieners Soup

    8 Jumbo size wieners, cut into 1/8 to 1/4 inch slices 2 teaspoons vegetable oil 3 (11-1/2 oz.) can condensed bean with bacon soup 3 and 3/4 cups of water 2 (15 oz.) can dark red kidney beans, rinsed & drained 3 teaspoons minced dried onion flakes 1/8 teaspoon, plus 1/16 teaspoon black...
  4. X

    ABSOLUTELY everything in this world is about money. Am I the only one who realizes this?

    Hospitals: do not exist to help people. They exist to make MONEY on expensive procedures, equipment and supplies."not-for-profit-charities": exist to recruit those who are 'needy' to prove their program is worthy of the most government MONEY they can obtainMarriages: exist to lock the other...
  5. M

    Tips on cleaning dirty paws?

    I have a wheaten terrier with long hair. There are many days where it rains or snows or there are puddles in the park that he decides to lie down in =p. By the end of most walks his legs are wet and muddy. I tried wipes (they didn't do anything due to his long hair) and i tried a damp...
  6. H

    bought new home ripped up carpet & found pet stain on boards any cleaning tips w/o ruining wood?

    also need advice on eliminating odors as well as stains. the boards under the carpet are just like plain ply wood or something. plan to put hardwood floor over but we do not want to weaken the "under" wood. not sure how deep the stains are through the wood but would it maybe help to sand the...
  7. F

    How do you make white kitchen chair cushions stain-free and white?

    The chairs of my kitchen table have white cushions. Unfortunately, this is a magnet for stains. Can someone give me tips on how to make them perfectly white again? It is a major embarrassment when someone comes to our home.
  8. R

    Restaurant recipe request?

    Does anybody know what is in Kip's Special from Sang's Cafe in Salinas, CA. It is near the Maya Cinema.
  9. A

    most of the costs of the vacation (airfare, hotel, and forgone wages) are measured in dollars,?

    but the benefits of the vacation are psychological. How can you compare the benefits to the costs?
  10. H

    Trouble Potty training?

    My son is now 3.5 yrs old and still isn't fully potty trained. He goes #1 in the potty like a big boy, but when it comes to #2, he simply refuses and would rather do it in his pants. Even when I catch him in time, I put him on the potty and tell him to go #2 there, he will sit for up to an hour...
  11. P

    Anyone have any HouseHold Tips???

    I am looking for a bunch of household hints, I do have one...After cutting onions rinse your hands and shake some salt on them, rub it in like lotion then rinse...the smell is gone!!
  12. L

    What are some good ten minute tips on how to clean something small in the household?

    What are some good ten minute tips on how to clean something small in the household?
  13. H

    Do you know of a site or have tips about fencing for a multiple dog household?

    My parents have finally decided to fence in our back yard - we've got two medium sized dogs and a few more small dogs who act like they're training to be in the olympics already. We know that they'll be capable and likely willing to jump a 4 foot fence, my father think's a 5 foot fence won't...
  14. S

    Grocery Savings Tips - Easy Ways To Save Money On Groceries?

    Your favorite ways (with tips and sites) to save money on groceries and keep the household budget alive.
  15. B

    Building a grill. Any tips?

    I am in the advanced Engineering Metal shop at my school and My friend and I have been contracted by the sports boosters to build them a grill. It has to be a propane grill and big enough to cook all the hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats that we need for the football and baseball games. Do you...
  16. S

    What are your favorite unique household tips?

    I'm looking for tips that you wouldn't see on every cleaning or homemaking article. Here are some of mine:I use rubber bands to keep hangers from getting tangled up.I set the timer and empty the lint trap on the dryer before I fold and stack my clothes on top, that way I can just throw the next...
  17. Anonymous

    Does anyone have any great cleaning tips?

    I am cleaning house today. Please let me know your favorite great cleaning tips?
  18. D

    Any household cleaning tips to cut down time spent on household chores?

    Any household cleaning tips to cut down time spent on household chores?
  19. E

    Hot Dogs and Cabbage

    INGREDIENTS: 1 small head cabbage, shredded 2 tart apples, such as Granny Smith, peeled, cored, and sliced 2 tablespoons bacon drippings or butter or margarine 1 1/2 teaspoons salt 1/2 teaspoon pepper 8 ounces hot dogs, cut in 2-inch pieces water 3 tablespoons vinegar 1 teaspoon sugar 1...
  20. E

    Bacon Burrito Dogs

    1 (12-inch) flour tortilla 2 steamed, premium all-beef hot dogs 2 slices American cheese 1/3 cup chili (homemade is best, but any kind will be fine) 3 slices crisp-cooked bacon 2 tablespoons diced onions On a flour tortilla, place all ingredients, in the order listed. Begin rolling-up...