Building a grill. Any tips?


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I am in the advanced Engineering Metal shop at my school and My friend and I have been contracted by the sports boosters to build them a grill. It has to be a propane grill and big enough to cook all the hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats that we need for the football and baseball games. Do you guys (or girls) have any building tips for my friend and I such as burner size, overall grill size, dimensions, material, etc.? I appreciate all of your answers!


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easiest way is to cut a few 55 gal barrels in half lengthways, and weld up stands for them. Keep them separate for portability. Make the burners our of black iron plumbing pipe, cut the notches with a hacksaw, and install the burners with cuts facing down, to keep ashes out. Put 2 rows of burners parallel about 8 inches apart. Be sure to put those stone briquettes to cover the burners (keeps the heat even, in the wind) and don't overload the propane tankss with too much demand -- lowers the gas pressure to a low level I like a fat bottle per cooker, but 2 would probably be fine. For grates, I like iron premade. sells them about 19 by 25 (2 part) for under $60. Weld on brackets to hold them properly in place -- don't want the grate walking around while working.