1. X

    What should we do about someone who is Schizophrenic and a Sociopath at the same time?

    A friend of mine was sent to the psyche ward of a hospital a couple of years ago. She was, for all I knew, an Atheist. Yet one day she started getting very religious. She eventually started freaking out and saying all sorts of odd things about religion and spirits. She was sent to the...
  2. A

    Is it okay for my period to be acting like this?

    I am currently 17 years old. My boyfriend is 19. He is my first and we are sexually active, and use protection such as condoms. We never have sex four days before or after my period for safety. My period was supposed to happen five days ago. My parents get Food Stamps at the beginning of every...
  3. Maryjane

    Do You Think Government Regulation of Drugs is Protecting You?

    "Diabetes Drug Still Has Heart Risks, Doctors Warn"New York TimesJune 6, 2007" ...A supervisor in the drug safety office at the agency said in an interview yesterday that she was rebuked last year after calling for a stronger warning label on Avandia and a competing drug, Actos.The supervisor...
  4. A

    Compulsive Hoarding?

    How do you help a family member who hoards compulsively? My father's house is a risk to his health and safety. The volume of mess impedes movement around the house as well as the rooms' function (ie- he can't cook in the kitchen because there's 5 feet of clothes piled upon the stove, or shower...
  5. F

    Any helpful tips for computer keyboard cleaning?

    I spilled some kind of juice on my computer keyboard, and it's sticky under the keys. My friend told me to pop the keys off, as it should pop back on after I clean it. Is this true? I don't want to pop off some keys and have it NOT go back on. Does anyone have any tips to clean the keys?
  6. P

    Remodeling Kitchen - looking for some tips?

    What are some items / features you would like to have in a new kitchen looking for some fresh ideas.
  7. M

    What's the difference between spontaneous abortion, miscarriage, and stillbirth?

    I'm pretty sure there's a difference between stillbirth and miscarriage, but are spontaneous abortion and miscarriage two different things?
  8. Molly

    What is the most important period during pregnancy, during which nutrition should be as optimal as possible?

    Which nutrients have greater needs during pregnancy?What kinds of pregnancies are “at-risk”?
  9. Molly

    is it cheaper to find a vacation home or is it better to book a hotel?

    i'm planning to spend the month of december in californiawhere can i find the cheapest vacation homes?
  10. M

    What are some causes of a missed period other than pregnancy?

    I just found out my 15 yr old daughter is having sex. Her period is 2-3wks late her breasts hurt and she has felt nausea. The home pregnancy test was negative. Any ideas of what else could be wrong?
  11. A

    The hotel for a short vacation in Bali?

    Hi,We are looking for the hotel in Bali for our short vacation. It maybe about couple days. But we really do want a luxurious one, please. Preferable for a nice view seeing.Thanks,
  12. S

    My fiance and I want to vacation in NYC in Sept: hotel and airport?

    What airport is best to fly to and what hotels are best deals and located closest to everything and what should be do while we are there. What do we need to do ahead of time and how much money does it cost for a week of fun in nYC. Where is the best place to eat and how do we go to the Late...
  13. C

    We're going to Chicago for vacation can anyone recommend a good hotel close to the water?

    We want to stay on Lakeshore Drive with a view of the water. We want to go to the Sears Tower, Geno's East Pizzeria and The Museum of Science and Industry. Is there any hotel that's close to all of those things? It doesn't have to be on Lakeshore Drive, I'm not real familiar with that area and I...
  14. W

    Men: Is it possible for your fertility to be reduced if you use a computer on your lap?

    My brother wants to know if using his laptop on his lap can reduce his fertility. I'm concerned because it seems like a situation where his chestnuts would be roasting over an open fire, if you know what I mean. His computer doesn't have heat reduction manufacturing (design failure). My laptop...
  15. S

    Tips for Venus fly trap? (long question)?

    In a few days ma parents r gonna get me an ma sis a Venus fly trap. So wat r some things I should know. I live in south eastern Iowa and I'll be in a attic. I know u don't feed it hamburger meat, but wat about like steak? Or is it no to all meats? I know they go dorment and it looks like they r...
  16. A

    Any tips for putting items into storage?

    I'm putting my household goods into storage for a little more than a year. Is there anything I should know to keep my furniture and electronics from harm? Anything that will stop working because I didn't use them, I want to make sure to give to someone else. Will my computer work? Will my...
  17. P

    is it cruel to kill slugs with salt?

    my bf puts out bread crumbs for the slugs to eat at night but i hate the sight of them and tip salt on them to kill them when hes not looking. he caught me and said i was mean...but slugs are yucky! why should i let them live just so they get in my way on the garden path or ooze their sluggy goo...
  18. S

    Grocery Savings Tips - Easy Ways To Save Money On Groceries?

    Your favorite ways (with tips and sites) to save money on groceries and keep the household budget alive.
  19. T

    Quick costless decorating tips with household items please?

    I have 6 hours before my husbands parents come visit, they just called to say they were coming, they have never seen our new place, and hated our last place because it was "drab" I need some tips on how to spruce up the place with house-hold stuff that won't take too much time.
  20. P

    Where from I collect various Household tips which help a houswife ?

    Where from I collect various Household tips which help a houswife ?