Is it okay for my period to be acting like this?


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I am currently 17 years old. My boyfriend is 19. He is my first and we are sexually active, and use protection such as condoms. We never have sex four days before or after my period for safety. My period was supposed to happen five days ago. My parents get Food Stamps at the beginning of every month, so towards the end of the month ( which is when my period occurs ) there isn't much to eat in the house. So i go from eating three meals a day to about one canned good serving a day. Also my mother is very sick as a cancer survivor and experiences hallucinations with some medication she receives. So is it that my period is acting up because im now sexually active? Could it be a result of my uneasy eating pattern, even though this has never happened before? Is it my built up stress level of watching my mother suffer? Could i just be plain out pregnant? Or is it all the reasons? Please Answer back quick with all your thoughts. Me and my boyfriend are deeply concerned and need to know. We are certainly not ready for a child now. We are merely children ourselves. P.S. I cannot ask my mother for help for she is really sick, all my sisters live far away and i have no way to contact a doctor for i haven't seen one since i was born.And i did have a breakdown last night and cried for 2 hours because my mother was experiencing some problems.PLEASE & THANK YOU


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i would say buy a pregnacy test if you can. it will not show if you are or are not pregnant until you are like 6 weeks along i think. stress is a leading cause of late or delayed periods. just try to relax and dont over think it to much. if you use protection every time you should not be pregnant unless they condom broke.


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It's normal for your period to be irregular until you are 20. Changes in the amount you eat, amount of excersise and amount of sleep could disrupt your cycles. Stress is also a main contributor. Don't worry. Sometimes my periods come 10 days late. And stressing will stall it quicker! Don't stress ! :)


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Sweetheart, I don't know where you heard the myth about 4 days before or after your period because you ovulate 14 days after the day you started your period. With a 4 to 6 day period that would be 8 to 10 days after you finish your period when you are most likely to ovulate. Google ovulation calculator to get a personal reading. Since you are 5 days past your period, you should be able to get an accurate reading from a pregnancy test. Google Free Pregnancy testing centers in your city since you obviously have money issues. Or ask you boyfriend to chip in for the test since he was able to afford condoms he should be able to pay eight dollars for a couple of tests. Or even go to a nearby dollar store. All the stress and malnourishment you are experiencing could also be why you've missed your period. As impossible as it may seem, you need to relax. You also need to find a way to get more food. pregnant or not, your body needs food to be healthy. Try looking for food banks in your area.


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i am sorry that your mother is sick. i would buy a test to make sure that you are not pregnant. also, i would take more than one because sometimes it can be a false negative. you could also, be very stressed with all the things going on with your mom that could be the reason why your period is late as well. but try to get your hands on a test when you can so you could put your mind at ease. Good Luck i hope everything works out for you and i hope your mom gets well soon and beats her cancer =)