What should we do about someone who is Schizophrenic and a Sociopath at the same time?


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A friend of mine was sent to the psyche ward of a hospital a couple of years ago. She was, for all I knew, an Atheist. Yet one day she started getting very religious. She eventually started freaking out and saying all sorts of odd things about religion and spirits. She was sent to the hospital for drug testing and later on was sent to the psyche ward. She was released in a few days with medication. She had a couple more episodes, and since then hasn't had any. She stopped taking her medication and has been fine, for the most part. I didn't know that when she wasn't around me, she was still religious. But she never understood what she was talking about. Now and then she has claimed to see odd things, but she won't go into detail about them.But this is where I started to really worry about her. I noticed these things about here life. Even before Schizophrenia, she has always exhibited the following personal traits:1. She doesn't understand empathy. If something bad happens to her, she feels awful. If she does the same thing to someone else, she is confused as to why that person is upset. Often she has stolen items and food, especially expensive food, and not felt bad about taking it. Her excuse for stealing items? She needed it (Or she was hungry, in the case of food). She actually gets angry when you confront her about stealing or breaking your own property. She actually acts like it's your fault.2. When you hug her, eventually she seems dissappointed. It's like a child when they get a toy they've always wanted, and find that it's not really that great. She seems to observe others hugging and kissing, but be puzzled by what they get out of it. 3. She has an enormous amount of charisma. She comes off as incredibly sweet. People who meet her will actually criticize her family and friends for how they criticize her theft and coldness. But after a few weeks, they recant and see that something is wrong.4. She can't accomplish complicated tasks (more of a schizophrenic attribute than a sociopathic attribute). The last thing she ever cooked, that I actually could handle, was spinach over a campfire. That was about four years ago. She comes up with an idea for a task or project (such as a meal) and seems to get confused during the process. She tends to skip important steps, then get confused and frustrated when the end product is a mess.5. She has troubles explaining her feelings and understanding emotions. I noticed that she can't really tell you how she's feeling. When she tries to describe how she's feeling, she gets frustrated. During a sad movie, such as Braveheart, she seems confused at the ending. She usually has little to no emotion during sad movies. At the same time, her taste in movies is odd. If the movie is poorly written and basically a flop, she likes it.6. Her emotions seem faked. I've recently noticed her labored smile. It seems like her emotions aren't really hers, but her trying to replicate the emotions of others.Her sociopathic tendencies have been around for quite a long time. But the signs of Schizophrenia are new (She was a pretty decent cook before Schizophrenia).So what do we do with her? She can't keep down a job. She gets by mooching off of other people. Currently she is living off of a boyfriend. He was deceived too by her charisma, but is now getting sick of her disregard of how hard he has to work to take care of her. Eventually she'll be out on the street again and will probably be back at my door asking if she can stay with my girlfriend and I again. But for the safety of my girlfriend's daughter (her daughter has severe cerebral palsey), I don't want this woman here anymore. So what should we do? She's already $10,000 in debt for her hospital bills from her first Schizophrenic episode. She has no insurance. How will her bills be paid if she is sent to a mental hospital?Thanks "Just Google It". She needs help, but I just don't know who can help her.


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Has she been diagnosed as sociopathic? The problems with emotion could be a lot of things, such as Asperger's or a nonverbal learning disorder. People who have this have a lot of trouble interpreting emotions, which would explain her apparent lack of emotion or her labored smile. The charisma you describe could just be her coping mechanism to make up for the fact that she really doesn't understand how social interaction works.Don't let your friend stay with you. Unfortunately, she will need to seek help herself or else be committed again.
She would have to go to a state hospital since she can't pay. These mental hospitals are quite hard to bear. She needs a miracle and I hope she meets someone who is blessed with spiritual gifts who will help her.