1. M

    Tips on cleaning dirty paws?

    I have a wheaten terrier with long hair. There are many days where it rains or snows or there are puddles in the park that he decides to lie down in =p. By the end of most walks his legs are wet and muddy. I tried wipes (they didn't do anything due to his long hair) and i tried a damp...
  2. H

    bought new home ripped up carpet & found pet stain on boards any cleaning tips w/o ruining wood?

    also need advice on eliminating odors as well as stains. the boards under the carpet are just like plain ply wood or something. plan to put hardwood floor over but we do not want to weaken the "under" wood. not sure how deep the stains are through the wood but would it maybe help to sand the...
  3. A

    Good tips to cleaning a bathroom?

    We just moved into a house and the bathroom is digusting, it's very dirty, the tub is clogged, and there is 2 spiders at any given time lurking around in the tub. Any tips on what works best to clean this sort of situation would help.
  4. X

    Help, I'm turning into a stalker, I get obsessed over a lot of things?

    i get these random little fixations.... its so weird.... when i get obsessed its all i can think of... when i like something, i really like it. the obsession only lasts for a certain time and after that i dont care about it at all... my obsessions this yearmy biology professor - i dont know why...
  5. M

    What are good tips on deep cleaning your house?

    I have a 3 bedroom house and i have a three month old, 6 yr old and a 10 year old, the house is pretty clean, but just alot of clutter, what are some good tips on where to start deep cleaning your house, and cleaning it quick before the kids come back from school?
  6. A

    Any tips for cleaning an old house?

    The house is almost 75 years old and i can never seem to keep it clean. Its very hard. It seems imposible. I would just like some tips from some nice people about how they clean their house. Thank you!! ( :
  7. X

    Why do all these recipe requests have to be made "really fast and easy"?

    What happened to taking a little time to make something wonderful? Cooking isnt instant.Your thoughts?
  8. Mom

    How'd you feel about limiting pregnancy by requiring birth control from first menstration until the age of 21?

    I suppose this would be considered the "solution" to the teen pregnancy problem. And yes, I am aware of constitutional impediments to restricting procreation and religious opposition to birth control in general. Thoughts?follow-up: wouldnt be so silly to assume that kids would be responsible...
  9. P

    When did you last clean the refrigerator coils?,2041,DIY_14119_2276123,00.html
  10. I

    Cleaning with Vinegar?

    Any one have any household cleaning tips that i can use Vinegar or maybe other household remedies...Im allergic to bleach so im looking to clean with things i have in my home.
  11. J

    can anyone give me some tips on how to make eco friendly or green household cleaners?

    For example window cleaner, bathroom cleaner, floor cleaner, laundry detergent, any type of pet products, etc....I just want to try to go green and would rather make them myself, so any tips on how to make any type of cleaning product would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much!
  12. S

    plzzzzzzzzz some good household tips.?

    plzzzzzzzzz some good household tips.?
  13. B

    tips to get the stink out of a indoor garbage can?

    any household remedies?
  14. P

    is it cruel to kill slugs with salt?

    my bf puts out bread crumbs for the slugs to eat at night but i hate the sight of them and tip salt on them to kill them when hes not looking. he caught me and said i was mean...but slugs are yucky! why should i let them live just so they get in my way on the garden path or ooze their sluggy goo...
  15. P

    Is there any household product that will clean a burned pot?

    I tried dish detergent and a good scrubber but no luck. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  16. G

    How do you like laminate flooring in your kitchen?

    I am considering laminate flooring in my kitchen because I can install it myself. However, I am concerned about spilled water and if that will damage the flooring or the subfloor. I cook a lot, do home canning where water from washing huge quantities of vegetables can spill, and have pet cats...
  17. E

    Creamed Ham on Toast

    3 tbsp bacon, sausage or ham drippings - use butter as last resort 3 tbsp flour Stir this together to make a roux. Add 2 1/2 cups milk and 1/2 cup cream - use 3 cups whole milk if you must or a can of carnation or pet evaporated milk instead of cream. Stir, stir, stir till it begins to thicken...
  18. P

    Can radiation therapy in humans affect their pets?

    My grandmother was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer and is doing a daily radiation treatment. I don't know many of the details, sorry. To make it short: she was diagnosed with stage 1 uterine cancer, had a hysterectomy, and began radiation recently.Her dog, a tea cup chihuahua has...
  19. P

    Son eating dog poop?

    I just got a new maltese pup and im trying to potty train her and my 12 month son got into her poop some how... I dont even know how he found it ,...Ive been trying to be so careful. Now its been 3 days and he has diarrihea...He is also teething like crazy (he has 8 teeth already) so I dont know...
  20. E

    German Chocolate Pie

    STEP 1 2 2/3 cups sugar 1 ounce baking cocoa 1 1/2 teaspoons salt 2/3 ounce cake flour...