Help, I'm turning into a stalker, I get obsessed over a lot of things?


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i get these random little fixations.... its so weird.... when i get obsessed its all i can think of... when i like something, i really like it. the obsession only lasts for a certain time and after that i dont care about it at all... my obsessions this yearmy biology professor - i dont know why. he isnt my type at all. he's 49 yrs old and he wears glasses and sweater vests. it was scary, i was turning into a stalker !! i googled him, i read all his books... even though they are sooo boring.. i spent an hr getting dressed upfor his class everyday, deciding what to wear, doing my hair, makeup, rushed to class so i could sit in the front row (i hate genetics 201), i flirted with him, pretended to ask him questions about class, whenever he made a lame joke i would laugh so hard my friends would give me this weird look lol i'm so glad this semesters over but i cant stop thinking about him. im tempted to email him (mostly to say what a good prof he was, i did actually learn a lot in his class). i miss him.other obsessions:pink underwear - this is a weird one. i only wear pink underwear. any style but it has to be the color pink. i would actually go and buy every pair of pink underwear i saw in a store.. i officially have over 200 pairs of pink underwear.... not that i counted !! scar from lion king - he's the best villian ever.. i would listen to his song "be prepared" for 2 hrs on the train, the exact same song, i did it for a month. he has a sexy voice.... i'm also obsessed with the actor who does his voice (jeremy irons ) i know everything about jeremy irons and i kiss him on my computer screen. i used to daydream that oneday i meet him somewhere and we fall in love and he leaves his wife and we get married and live happily ever after (the same daydream..... for hours and hours and hours.. i never got tired of it)reading food labels - i read food labels on everything i eat. i google any ingredients i havent heard of and check their safety profiles, i have a list of food coloring & preservative numbers, i check labels on everything i buy. grocery shopping takes me 2 hrs. i also get obsessed with certain food items and i'll want to eat it everyday (my current thing is cookies and cream flavor ice cream)ducks - this started when i went to the park a few days ago to feed the ducks and i saw 7 little mallard ducklings with their mom & dad. i go the park everyday to feed them (i bought some actual duck grain food, bread is bad for them). now i want to get a pet duck.. we live in the city so im trying to convince my parents.. ducklings are soooo cute though... i spent this whole week researching about ducks , the evolution of ducks, different types of ducks, where ducks live, what ducks eat, how to hatch a duck egg, etc..... i stay up till 1 am everyday doing this.


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Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh. I do not know wat to say. I understand googling things that u dont know, but thee rest is pretty weird. Um... I'm not evolutionist soooooooooo... i'm not sure about searching the evolution. OH! My cousin is in Mexico studying psychology so I'll ask him about k.


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About your professor:This is called a crush. Even though he isn't your type, you find something about him attractive. It could be something very primitive like phermones. You really haven't done anything unusual. You're just going to have to control yourself until it passes. Don't let yourself look him up or inquiry about him anymore. Realize there is no path for you two that is positive and you don't want him to think poorly of you right? So leave it alone.About pink underwear: So you like pink underwear. 200 pairs is a bit much but then again it's better than having too few pairs.Food labels: No biggie. My sister does this. Lots of people do actually, even though they won't tell you about it.Ducks: I do that too. I get on something and learn everything about it. I don't think this is bad. You can actually become a genius in your field of choice this way. No one would ever guess but I know everything there is to know about the flying wallendas.