Canadian Tire sucks!


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For all you Canadians out there, apparently you're not allowed to have an opinion about Canadian Tire. was put up so that anyone can go and have their say about this company and it's stores. If you would like to make your own comments about them, please visit the site. No need to sign up to post.
Well, Canadian Tire wants to shut it down. We don't want this to happen.
We think it is unfair of them to do this and thus they are bastards.
What are they so scared of? Do they really think that by people stating their opinions collectively online will make a difference in their sales? They are acting quite guilty about being shitty if you ask me.
Hey, I hate that store but I still buy some stuff there. So, what's their problem?
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you got that right! canadian tire sucks! they have some of the worst customer service! and the reason they do not like the web site is because they are behind the times with technology. internet has caused a power shift from the corporate world to the consumer. consumer complaints affect brand image and CT hasn't figured out yet how to deal with it. hehe too bad for them.


the problem at canadian tire is that the staff is not trained and if they are it is done by a department manager that just doesn't have a clue. the owners are greedy dishonest and treat their staff with a complete and udder lack of humanity and respect how do i know this well i worked for them for five long years and finally left after being frustrated by not being allowed by management or the owner of the store to actually help people,the owners attitude was well known "we have your money, we make the rules regarding returns refunds so good luck getting it back"


i have walked into canadian tire to shop and i strongly feel that some customers can just walk all over employees because "the customer is always right", wrong, yes most of the time that annoying customer is wrong. Why, because people like you who think that they can loan a product and return it when ever they want, oh ya thats the only reciept that seems to have gone missing. this customer thought that they could be rude and walk all over the employee just to get his own way, how would you act if a customer was swearing at you in front of other customers and employees. No one should have to be treated that way. Isnt the old saying "treat others and you would want to be treated", the pleasant customer gets alot further than the one that says"im never shopping here again" but shows up the next day! whats that about!


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too much hate for canadian tires, o well, there are still a lot of better, better tires than canadian. haven't heard of canadian tires until now. LOL