Does anyone have any good cleaning and organizing tips?

Paytons Mommy

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Well the first thing I would do is throw away of donate any crap you no longer use. Old clothes etc. Then I would give the room a good cleaning with some Fantastic or 409 and a microfiber rag. Then you may want to take a trip to a discount store and buy some plastic organizers to organize your closet. The hardest part is getting started so stop asking questions and get to work.


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yeah i can understand having a messy room! here are some tips on how you can make it clean: - keep a separate bin/basket around for your electronics so you find them much easily and they all stay in one place if you need them. - keep a different laundry basket for all your dirty clothes so they aren't all over you room. -put away something in it's proper place once you use it so your room stays clean! these are some tips that help me clean my room. hope they help you too! =)


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If you have a stereo system or an IPOD listen to music. Get boxes and start throwing stuff out. Than if you have a lot of books why not donate the books you already have read. Than make your bed. And put your laundry in the hamper. Wash your windows with windex as well as your TV. Than if you have a lot of clothes just hang them up in your closet except the stuff that you want in your dresser. Wash your bedding once a week. And vacum your room every week. Thats what I do and my room is clean. P.S. Always put stuff away in the same spot


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I live in a very small space. After hauling all my stuff in an across country move I found myself in a home that is ¼ the size of the one I left behind. Even after furnishing the neighborhood with my excess. My home still had a cluttered look. There are very hard choices to be made. Do you keep stuff that has sentimental value? If so how are you going to hide it? Will my son someday be surprised that I kept the clay pot that he made in second grade? I’ve displayed as many of my treasures as I can. But in order to keep some, like crocheted items that my dad and grandma made, I put them in plastic under the bed containers. Rubbermaid makes great containers. My mom was a quilter I have several hand made quilts. Storing them is a challenge and it is not recommended that they be stored in plastic. I use them in the winter and store them in space saving storage for the warm season. This works wells for seasonal clothing as well. To save money I inspect my clothing, keep and launder those that are still wearable.