I'm so tired wit my in laws?


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I've had enough from my husband's family. I never complain about how my husband helps them, he paid off his dad's car, gives his younger sister money, car insurance,take them to shopping, gave them $10,000 to help them bought this mobile home...I only want my privacy and take care of my 7 month old daughter my way without anybody step in. This was wat happened ealier tonight. I think my daughter is teething tat's y she doesn't wanna eat and having problem wit sleep. She didn't eat anything for the whole day, I tried to feed her this evening, she was crying and my dad in law walked in and said"if she doesn't wanna eat don't feed her" my husband tried to explain but he ignored and try to take my daughter away. His mom walked in and said " always bring her food along if you go out" I always do even extra. I finished and his dad took her away. I want her to go to bed at 9 but he told my husband it's too early, at least at 10 and didn't want to give my daughter back. He's mad at methankswe're planning to move out. My husband used to say never move out but now he does bcus I took my daughter away and he realized he can't live without her. He wants to move out about 5 mins from them so they can visit my daughter often or whenever they want.They treat us like we're kids, they cook if we eat out and they'll get mad. ALways remind me tor ask if my daughter ate. I feel sorry for my husband bcus he stuck in the middle.


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Sounds to me like you married a real "mama's boy" your husband should be on your side and the care of your child should be yours and your husbands job and the two of you should have the final say.


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First off, moving out will be good. You and your husband need your own space and freedom to take care of your child and have privacy. Some families are the type where the parents are always in the younger couple's business. If this is the case and it is too much for you, then you need to discuss it with your husband. Since it is his family he needs to deal with them and set the boundaries. That's just how marriage is. You have to deal with his family and he has to deal with yours.


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It might not hurt to move more than five mins. from them. They can be helpful sometimes, but you don't want too much intrusion. Always remember that some advice form inlaws is not all bad, they have already raised kids so they do know a liittle more than you about raising them..Good Luck
Sounds like everyone needs a bit of space.The more the better.Yet you should have laid out the ground rules on parentingyour child to them long ago.Yeah your husband seems rather weak when it comesto his side of the familyyou two really need some serious one on one talk time.He need to know where to draw then line with themand put you and your children first.do that and things will smooth out.


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You should have your own family. It's so unhealthy staying with too many "captains" at home especially for newly wed couple and young parents. Too many people trying to assist in analyzing yourlife - it will turn to analyze, analyze and becomes paralyze at the end. The topic of raising kids between in laws and young couples always create some differences in between. It's better for you to stay far if you are smelling something which is not right, especially for you who just delivered, better not to get into all this problem as this will cause post-natal depression too. Take care!


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Take your daughter and move into your parent's home temporary. Tell your husband once he cools-down to contact you so you can talk to him. Let him know your not leaving him and you are not mad at him, but you think it is best for you two to relax.When your husband contact you go out to dinner and discuss the matter openly. Don't bring your daughter, but after dinner let him be with her. God Bless