i' dealing wit this almost everyday and want to move out?


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I've had enough from my husband's family. I never complain about how my husband helps them, he paid off his dad's car, gives his younger sister money, car insurance,take them to shopping, gave them $10,000 to help them bought this mobile home...I only want my privacy and take care of my 7 month old daughter my way without anybody step in. This was wat happened ealier tonight. I think my daughter is teething tat's y she doesn't wanna eat and having problem wit sleep. She didn't eat anything for the whole day, I tried to feed her this evening, she was crying and my dad in law walked in and said"if she doesn't wanna eat don't feed her" my husband tried to explain but he ignored and try to take my daughter away. His mom walked in and said " always bring her food along if you go out" I always do even extra. I finished and his dad took her away. I want her to go to bed at 9 but he told my husband it's too early, at least at 10 and didn't want to give my daughter back. He's mad at mewe're planning to move out. My husband used to say never move out but now he does bcus I took my daughter away and he realized he can't live without her. He wants to move out about 5 mins from them so they can visit my daughter often or whenever they want.


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You need to settle down and ignore all those people--you just concern yourself with your new baby----I don't know what to do--but I know it is stressful--so tell your husband how you feel about it.


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First of all, your daughter needs to be in bed by 7:00p.m. only being 7 months old. Babies need at least 12 hours of sleep. She is teething, and she isn't going to feel like eating sometimes. When you offer her food or a bottle, and she refuses it, try again 30 minutes later instead of trying to get her to eat then. Her gums will be sore, she is going to be cranky, may run a little fever and need some Tylenol to help the pain at times. Give her a wet wash cloth that you take out of the refridge to chew on. Going without eating all day is an awful long time to not eat though. She may be getting ill. Since you are there in in-law hell, you will have to try your best to keep the peace. I know it is hard on you, but it is hard on your husband also. At least he is trying to explain things to his father and giving you support. As for mom saying things about taking more food yak yak yak, just nod your head and say okay, like you do not have a brain to shut her up. Just be respectful of his mom and dad, because this can cause problems between the two of you and the in-laws. Tell your husband to tell his dad to give you your daughter because the three of you would like to turn in for the night when something like this happens.


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Its best you point out your problem with them directly so they will understand and you will too bout them. Everybody has a different way of dealing with things and i mean anything. If you are deciding to walk out like instantly honestly the problem will never go away and it will be drag on to wherever you'll be cos this concerns the baby. Probably you gotta understand they acted they way they did is for the sake of the baby and they are only trying to help don't assume problems like this get it straight afterall you are the mother to this baby