Refrigerator Rolls

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1/2 c SUGAR 2 c WATER
2 ts SALT 1/2 c BUTTER
2 pk YEAST 1 x EGG
6 1/2 c FLOUR
24 servings
Mix Sugar, Salt, Yeast, 2 1/2 C Flour Together. Heat Water And 1/2 C
Butter Till Very Warm (120-130 F.). With Mixer On Low Speed Beat Liquid
Into Dry Mix. Beat In Egg And Increase Speed To Medium And Beat For 2
Minutes. Add Flour To Make Soft Dough. Knead And Let Rise Until Doubled.
Turn Over And Brush With Oil. Refrigerate For At Least 2 Hours. 2 1/2
Hours Before Serving Time, Cut And Shape The Dough Into Cressants, Pan
Rolls Or Your Preference. Let Double In Size. Bake At 450 Deg F. For 15 To
20 Minutes.