What is a TV show, a movie, and a song that you are embarrassed to admit that you like?


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I've never confessed this to anyone.I never missed an episode of "Beauty and the Beast" back in the '80s.I have watched it very recently on www.cbs.com.Don't judge me. I am so ashamed.


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tv show:sponebob!!LOL!!! I luv that little guy!!Movie:Hmmmm.....Idk song:paulua abdul,dance like theres no 2morow!!LOL!!She sounds like hilary duff though,ya her too paula abdul and hillary duff!!OMG,why r u embarrassed about the jonas brothers,theyre awesome!!I luv them,and im 14!!


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TV Show:Fairy Odd Parents.Movie:Mini's First.Song: Girls Girls Girls by Motley Crue.my sister has that lovebug song on her myspace.