How long are you extra fertile after a miscarriage?

I miscarried on March 7th, and had one period since then. Before my miscarriage my cycles were over 30 days but before 35 days. My period should be coming up soon. My OH & I are NTNP at the moment, and want to try in August. My nipples are super super sore and I've had a metalicy taste in my mouth. I would be around 10 DPO right now and I have one pregnancy test from last pregnancy. Take it now, or wait?


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A woman is arguably more fertile in the months immediately following a miscarriage because of the elevated levels of progesterone in her system. Progesterone is a hormone that supports pregnancy and proper implantation of a fetus in a woman's uterus. When a woman becomes pregnant, the progesterone level in her blood rises. After she miscarries, it takes awhile for the level of progesterone in her system to return to normal. Therefore, it has been argued that due to the elevated levels of progesterone in a woman's system following a miscarriage, a woman experiences increased fertility in the first few months after a miscarriage. Some doctors have acknowledged that a woman experiences a brief period increased fertility due to an elevated progesterone level following a miscarriage. Experts report that a woman's fertility level should return to normal within four to six weeks after the miscarriage, when ovulation occurs and a woman's menstrual cycle returns to normal. However, although some doctors believe that there is a brief period of increased fertility following a miscarriage, most doctors recommend that a woman wait until after this time before trying to conceive again. In fact, many doctors recommend that a woman waits until after she has two to three normal menstrual cycles before trying to conceive. This time will allow a woman's uterus time to heal and her endometrial lining to build up to healthy levels again. Without this necessary recovery, a woman may be at risk for additional miscarriages.
Its a myth you are not more fertile after m/c. You are less fertile because your body does things to prevent pregnancy and try and give itself a chance to recoup. Also it usually takes awhile (on average 3 cycles) for you to even start ovulating again. It can happen sooner but its different for each woman.