What are the best ways to guarantee no pregnancy from having sex?


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of course use condom and birth control pill. but what else eliminates pregnancy. i already know abstitence is the best for preventing pregnancy and STDS/AIDS.but if your not practicing abstitence, what ways you can eliminate pregnancy.


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Other than abstinence, there are a lot of things you can do to prevent pregnancy. Condoms, obviously are the best choice. But there are atleast a dozen other forms of birth control.This website should do the trick!!!http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birth_control


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if you mean you want to get an abortion and you're to ashamed to do it at a clinic, you can have an herbal abortion. However, to just prevent pregnancy, condoms and birth control are your two best bets. There are condoms for women, and diaphrams too.


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1) Abstinence. 2) Birthcontrol pills- hormonal contraception..3) Barrier methods- Condoms, vagina rings, cervical caps; IUD4) Intradermal implants5) The morning -after injections6) Rhythmn method- tracking the fertile periods of the female. 7) Oral and anal sex.8) Withdrawal methods.9) Spermicides and jellies10) masturbation.11) erotic massage12) frottage13) lactational amenorrhea- breastfeeding .14) Heat-based contraception.15) use of sex toys16) herbs and natural substances


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